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GS2 - Level Headed: One of the Greatest Turnaround Stories in the 21st Century 
June 10, 2014   11:00am - 12:30pm
  Synced Audio / Video / Slides

This presentation will identify the many risks associated with the construction industry and how Sundt Construction, with a storied history of successful complex construction projects and a great reputation in the industry, found itself in serious financial difficulty; and what was done to turn the company around to become successful again and a leader in the construction industry. J. Doug Pruitt, who was President and COO at the time of the financial crisis, will take you through the many areas of focus that were critical to making this turnaround a success. He’ll cover:
  • Sundt’s corporate culture related to managing risk
  • The “Come to Jesus Meeting” – dealing with the brutal facts
  • The art of strategic planning
  • What it means to invest in your future
  • Why working for a company that is making a difference counts
  • The power of employee ownership
  • Why growing the business matters
  • Why never forgetting what got you here matters
J. Doug Pruitt, J.D. Pruitt & Associates, LLC

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