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Treasury Management Part IV - Budgeting & Reporting 
March 27, 2014   3:00pm - 5:00pm
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This 4-part Web Series is designed for Controllers and CFOs of construction companies who want to learn the fundamental skills of treasury management. Treasury management encompasses a broad spectrum of activities that a Construction Financial Manager is tasked with. This course will provide a summary discussion of the theories and principles, the authoritative bodies and governing rules of Treasury Management, as well as a more detailed discussion of the business processes, practices and tools that we use to drive cash flow and profitability for our companies. Specific attention will be paid to insurance programs, employee benefits, and budgeting and reporting with a focus on meeting management’s needs.

Part IV - Budgeting & Reporting: This session will cover the alignment of a company’s budgeting process with its annual strategic plans and objectives. Developing enterprise and departmental budgets will be discussed, along with providing the periodic reporting that management needs to effectively manage the business.

After attending Session 4 of this program, you will be able to:
• Identify the Process, Tools and Strategies Used In Developing Enterprise Budgets;
• Describe the Process for Developing and Utilizing Backlog and Burn-off Schedules;
• Describe the Types of Information That Management and Operations Needs to See;
• Discuss the Financial Reporting Systems Used by Construction Companies, Including the Use of Key Performance Indicators.

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