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L6 - Why Not Enjoy the Process? 
June 30, 2010   8:30am - 10:30am
46m 33s - 1 Slide  
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We spend most of our waking hours at our place of employment and much of our leisure time thinking about it. We can let the stress, fast pace, and challenges control our emotions or, we can lighten up, have fun, and enjoy the process. It's always a matter of choice! Acquiring a healthy state of mind is essential to produce quality sales, quality customer service, teamwork, and communication. Learn how to overcome the everyday pressures that can stifle productivity and creativity in the workplace, while enjoying the process. In this program, you will gain the secrets of:

  • Acquiring the attitude you need to succeed
  • Using the power of choice to your advantage
  • Seeing the brighter alternative to a potentially negative situation
  • Finding the laughter in between and during the tough times
  • How to maintain emotional stability and eliminate stress

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