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Specialty Contractors' Best Practices: Cash Flow 
November 14, 2012   3:00pm - 4:00pm
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Construction Financial Managers (CFMs) are typically the most sensitive to the need for controlling cash flow and are responsible for monitoring and managing it. In most cases, however, CFMs have little direct control over many of the factors that impact effective cash management.

This Webinar will focus on the unique elements that make managing cash flow for the Specialty Contractor a special challenge. Specialty Contractors generally have factors impacting cash flow that General Contractors (GCs) do not experience. As an example, in many cases, cash outflow is often accelerated compared to their GC counterparts. This is principally due to the direct nature of the work performed and definitely results in more challenges to overcome.

In this 60-minute informative session, Presenters Vic Marshall and Danny Parrish will provide an overview of cash flow elements and then dive deeper into those that directly impact cash flow for the Specialty Contractor. They will also explore effective techniques that non-financial personnel can employ to achieve better results.

The ideal audience for this webinar includes both the financial executives and members of management teams responsible for obtaining and performing work for their companies.

After This Session, You Will Be Able To:
  • Discuss the basic drivers of cash flow from a specialty contractor’s perspective;
  • Apply the appropriate tools for cash flow management;
  • List the specific tasks that the non-financial player should consider at the project level, to achieve optimal cash flow.

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