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Building Lean: Reducing Cost and Risk through Collaboration 
October 10, 2012   3:00pm - 4:00pm
  Synced Audio / Video / Slides

Today’s savvy contractors know that most dollars are made or lost in the execution phase of any project;
and the current market is no time to leave money on the table. Who wouldn’t want to better control
costs, minimize risk, and improve collaboration? In this informative and timely webinar, Maxwell
Systems’ Jason Davis will show how increased efficiency in collaboration leads to less wasted time and
more profits for your company.

In this 60 minute session, you will learn how to successfully manage your projects using real-time data whether in the office, in the field or on the road using the tools that can help you improve communication, manage documentation, prevent errors—and more—to achieve the optimal project profitability!

This presentation will also highlight a well-recognized builder who is considered a front-runner
in efficiency and collaboration, and who sets the standard for best practices in Lean Construction

Specific areas that will be covered include: Risk in Construction Management, Lean in Construction Management, How to Evaluate Processes and Applications, and actual case examples.

After This Session, You Will Be Able To:
  • Explain the importance of being able to manage projects with real-time data from any location;
  • Recognize how software and processes can help minimize and mitigate risk, as well as streamline workflow, manage documentation, and share data;
  • Identify ways to improve collaboration for the benefit of each department and your overall company.

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