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L6 - Successfully Building Green in a Poor Economy: 5 Requirements for Your Next Green Project 
June 27, 2012   8:30am - 10:35am
  Synced Audio / Video / Slides

This session will cover five areas of concern to help reduce risks on these innovative, lean-budget, and high-performance buildings:

  • Taking on liability for the emerging long-term building requirements that many green rating systems are beginning to implement
  • Identifying LEED credits in your project that may add minimal value, but may dramatically increase risk and recognizing how your building’s complexity has increased because of green construction 
  • Using new green products that have a very limited in-field service history
  • Implementing innovative and fairly new technical practices with little expertise, which could increase the chance of construction deficiencies
  • Understanding codification of green that is occurring and how this driver influences your risk in the constructed project

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