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The ESOP Buzz - What Does it Mean to Contractors? 
May 16, 2012   3:00pm - 4:00pm
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Have you considered the possibility of an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) as an exit strategy? There are approximately 11,500 ESOPs in place in the United States, covering 10% of the private-sector workforce. This growing demand for ESOPs suggests management teams and owners should understand the possibilities.

This Webinar will cover:
  • ESOP structuring; what questions to ask; the pros and cons; threshold considerations
  • ESOP transaction from valuation through implementation including; income statement, cash flow and balance sheet impact as well as valuation methodology
  • Tax advantages and costs
  • Go-forward implications to accounting, tax, equity, service provider relationships, and regulatory requirements

After This Session, You Will Be Able To:
  • Explain the basic structure of ESOPs, who's using them, and why;
  • Discuss the flow of a transaction from valuation through implementation - including impact to income statement, cash flow, balance sheet, and tax ramifications
  • Identify ongoing administrative and regulatory requirements, as well as implications to third party users of financial statements

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