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WEB011 - Ending the Communication Breakdown: How New Technologies and the New Economy Will End the Do-It-Yourself Era of Construction Management 
November 9, 2011   3:00pm - 4:00pm
  Synced Audio / Slides

One of the biggest changes in technology since the personal computer is about to impact the construction industry and revolutionize the way work gets done. You may have heard the terms "Cloud Computing," "Web-enabled," "Internet-based," and other similar descriptions of a new way to deliver and access information. Working collaboratively with other companies is no longer just an advantage – it’s an imperative, and contractors need to understand the new standards, guidelines, and tools that are part of the new collaborative work environment. This Webinar cuts through all the buzz words and provides you with the pros and cons of these web-based applications, the role they play in connecting workflows, and the impact they could have on your company’s bottom line.

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