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Fighting Plaque With a Healthy
Back: Musculoskeletal Health...
The Art of Digital Photography
(Core - 2.5 C.E.)
Restoration of the Worn Dentition
(Core - 2.5 C.E.)
Take Two Asprin and Call Me
in the Morning (Core - 2.5...
Minimal Intervention and Maximum
Interception Strategies for...
Matters of the Heart
Endodontic Diagnosis: Understanding
and Management of Pulpal Pain
Clinical Techniques in Pediatrics
(Core - 2.5 C.E.)
Antibiotics and Analgesics -
All Gain, Less Pain
The Art and Science of CAMBRA,
Part I: The Chemical Approach
Dealing with Common Dental Benefit
Issues - (Core - 1.0 C.E.)
Dental Caries Therapeutic Strategies
Revisited (Core - 2.5 C.E.)
Safe Management of the High-Risk
Geriatric Patient Part II
Customizing Digital Denture
Technology in Your Practice...
You've Mastered Your Clinical
Skills (20% - 2.0 C.E.)


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