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Women's Oral Health Issues -
Part II - (Core - 2.5 C.E.)
Dentistry's Role in a Mass Disaster
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Renewal - (Core - 2.0 C.E.)
Achieving Atraumatic Extractions
Simply, Predictably and Nonsurgically
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(Core - 2.0 C.E.)
The California Dental Practice
Act (Core - 2.0 C.E.)
Becoming the Pediatric Alpha
Pup - (Core - 2.5 C.E.)
Clinical Techniques in Pediatrics
- (Core - 2.5 C.E.)
Women's Oral Health Issues -
Part I - (Core - 2.5 C.E.)
Vasoconstrictor and Local Anesthesia
Pharmacology and Technique
An Introduction to Medical Billing
in the General Dental Practice
My Tooth Did This? A Guide to
Maxillofacial Infections for...
Polish First: The Secret to
Hygiene Department Success...
Infection Control
An Introduction to Medical Billing
in the General Dental Practice
Health Care Reform: What Every
Dental Professional Should...


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