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We have provided a general list of keywords and combinations of letters extracted from the presentation materials to help you narrow your search results, some keywords may not be English words but are relevant to documents within this library.

A abdelmoneim abdomen abdominal abel ability ablat ablation abnl abno abnor abnorm abnorma abnormal abnormalities abnormality abormalities abraham abscess abscesses absence absent absolute abstract abstracts abuse academic acaos accel accelerated acceleration acceptable accepted access accessible account accountable accounted accounts accreditation accredited accumulation accur accurac accuracy accurate accurately acei acemaker achieve achieved achieving acid ackerman acknowledgements acoustic acqu acqui acquire acquired acquiring acquisition acquisitions acta acter acti action activ activated activation active activities activity actual acusphere acut acute acutely adams adapt adaptation adapted adaptive added adding addition additional address adds adel adenosine adequacy adequate adequately adhere adherence adhesion adhesions ading adjacent adjunct adjus adjust adjustable adjusted adjusting adjustment adjustments adjuvant administer administered administration administrations administrative admission admissions admit admitted adrenergic adult adulthood adults adur advair advance advanced advances advantage advantages adventitia adventitial adverse advice advisor advisory advocacy affairs affect affected affecting affects affiliate afib afte afterload aged agenda agent agents ages aggressive aging agitated agler agree agreement agreements agudo ahead ahmad aicd ailable akinesia akinesis akinetic alan albumin albuterol alcapa alcohol algorithm algorithms alias aliasing alidat align aligned alignment alit ality alive allan allergic allergy allied allograft allowed allowing alls allv ally alpha alsalv alter alterations altered alternative alternatives alters alth altman aluat alue amagasaki ambient amenable america american amic amiodarone amlodipine amount amplatzer ample amplitude amundsen amyloid amyloidosis anal analog analy analyses analysis analyze analyzed anaph anaphylactoid anasarca anastomosis anat anatom anatomic anatomical anatomically anatomy ance anchor ancillary anderson anemia anen aneous anesthesia anesthesiologist anesthesiology aneu aneurysm aneurysmal aneurysms angelini angi angina anginal angio angiocath angiogenesis angiogr angiogram angiographic angiography angioplasty angle angles angulation animal animals ankle ankylosing anne annitta annu annual annually annular annuli annuloplasty annulus anomalies anomalous anomaly anorexia anorexigen answer answered answers ante antegrade anterior anteriorly antero anterolateral anteroseptal anti antibiotic antibiotics antibody anticipated anticoagulation antimicrobial antitative anxiety aort aorta aorti aortic aortitis aorto apex apher aphy apic apica apical apically apnea apoptosis apparatus apparent appearance appears appendage appl appleton applic applicable applicant applicants application applications applied apply applying appr approach approaches appropriately appropriateness approval approved approx approximately arantius arasternal arch archive ardi ardia ardial ardiogr ardiography ardms ared argentina aric arise arizona arms arrange arrangements array arrest arrhythmia arrhythmias arrhythmogenic arrow arrows arte arter arterial arteries arteriosus arteritis artery arthritis arthur articles artif artifact artifacts artificial artificially arvc arvd asal asar ascending ascites ascul ascular asds asecho ased asescientificsessions ashington asian asiv asms asound aspects aspirin assay asse asses assess assessed assessing assessm assessmen assessment assessments asset assets assigned assignment assist assistance assistant assoc associ associate association assume assumes assuming assumption assumptions assurance astellas asthma asto asym asymmetric asymmetry asymptomatic asynchrony ataxia atch ated atenolol ater ates athe atheroma atherosclerosis atherosclerotic athletes athletic athy atic ating atio ation ative atlanta atlas ator atorvastatin atresia atri atria atrial atriall atrio atrioventricular atrium atropine attached attachments attack attacks atte attempt attempted attention attenuation atypical auckland audience audio audit augmentation aureus aurigemma aussie australia authors auto autoimmune automated automatic autopsy autosomal availab availability average averaged avoid avoided avsd avshort avvr award awarded awards aware axial axis
B baby backer background backscatter bacteremia bacterial baffle baffles baker balance balanced balcells ball ballon balloon ballooning baltimore band barbs barlow barlows barnett barriers basa basal basall base based basel baseli baselin baseline basic basics basis baylor bcbs beads beam beat beats becker bedside begin beginning begins behavior belcik belgium benadryl bench benef beneficial benefit benefits benign benjamin bentall berg berlin bernoulli beshai beta beware bhatia bianco bias bicuspid bicycle bidirectional bierig bifurcation bike bilateral bileaflet bilit bility bill billing billion billow billowing biol biological biology biomarkers biomedical bioprosthesis bioprosthetic biopsy biotronik biphasic biplane birth births biventricular black bland bleed bleeding blind blinded bloc block blocker blockers blocks blood blue bluhm blunted board body bolus bone bonhoeffer bonow book booth border borderline borders boston bottom bounce boundaries boundary bovine bowel boxed brach brachial brad bradycardia brain branch branches bras breakfast breaking breast breath breathing brian bridge bridging brigham bright brightness bring brisk british broad broadening brought brown bruce bruit bruits bubble bubbles budget build bulb bulging bullet bulls bullseye bundle bundled burden bureau burgess business button bypass
C caahep cabg cage calcif calcific calcification calcified calcium calculate calculated calculates calculating calculation calculations calf calibration california call called canada canal cancer candidate candidates cannula cannulation capabilities capability capable capacity capillaries capillary capture captured carbomedics carbon carcinoid carcinoma card cardi cardia cardiac cardial cardio cardiogenic cardiol cardiolo cardiologist cardiologists cardiology cardiomyopathies cardiomyopathy cardiopulmonary cardiothoracic cardiotoxicity cardiov cardiova cardiovasc cardiovascular cardioversion care career careful carefully cares caro carol carolina carot caroti carotid carotids carp carpa carpentier carried cart carvedilol cascade caseous cast catecholamine categorical categories category cath catheter catheterization catheters cati catio caudal caused causing cava caval cavc caveats cavitary cavity ccta cctga cdmi cecchin celiac cell cells cellular cent center centers central centre cerebral cerebrovascular certification certified cess cessation chads chagas chain chains chair chairs challenge challenges challenging cham chamb chamber chambers chan chance chang change changed changing channel channick char characteristic characteristics characterization characterized charge charges chart charter chat check chemotherapy chen ches chesapeake chest chia chicago chief child childhood childre children childrens chills chin chinese chloroma chnical choc choi choice chol cholesterol choo choose chop chord chordae chordal chords chow christophe chromosomal chronic chung ciety cigarette cimt cincinnati cine cinepak cineventriculography circ circu circuit circular circulat circulatio circulation circulatory circumf circumfe circumference circumferential circumflex citations city clas class classic classification classified claudia claudication clean cleaning clearance cleft cleveland click clin clini clinic clinica clinical clinicall clinically clinician clinics clip clips clockwise close closed closely closer closing closure clot clots clues cluster coapt coaptation coarctation code coded codes coding coefficient cohen cohort cold coll collaboration collaborative collagen collapse collateral collaterals colle colleagues collected collection college color colorado colour columbia combination combined coming comm comment comments commercial commercially commission commissural commissure commissures commitment committed committee committees commo common commonly communicate communication communications community comp compa compaction companion company comparable comparative compare compared comparing comparison comparisons compensated compensation compensatory competence competency competent competing competition competitive complaint complaints comple complement complementary complete completed completely completion complex complexity compliance compliant complicated complicating complicatio complication complications component components composed composite composition comprehensive compress compressed compressible compression compromise computed computer conal conc concentration concentric concept concepts concern concerned concerns concl conclu conclus conclusion conclusions concomitant concordance concordant cond condition conditions condu conduct conducted conduction conduit conduits conf conference conferences confidence confined confirm confirmation confirmed confirms conflict conflicts confused confusing cong congenital congenitally congestion congestive congress conjunction connect connection connections connective conotruncal conoventricular cons consecutive consensus consent consequence consequences conservation consideration considerations considered consistency consistent consistently consists const constant constitutes constr constrained constraints constrict constriction constrictive construction consult consultant consultants consultation consuming consumption cont contact contained contd content context conti contiguous continu continue continued continues continuing continuity continuous continuously contour contr contra contract contracta contractile contractility contraction contraindication contraindications contralateral contras contrast contribute contributes contribution contributions control controlled controls controversies conundrums conus conventional convergence conversion cool coon cooper coordinates coordination copd copy copyright cord core coron coronal coronar coronaries coronary corp corr correct corrected correction correctly corrects correl correlate correlated correlates correlation correlations corretti cortical cost costs cough coumadin council councils counseling count counterclockwise countries coupling courses court courtes courtesy cover coverage covered cram cranial creas create created creates creating creatinine credential credentialed credentialing credentials credit criqui criteria criterion critical critically crop cropping cross crossing crucial crude cruzi csalvot ction ctni ctor cuff cula cular culation culture cultures cumulative curable curr current curricula curriculum cursor curvature curve curved curves cusp cusps customer cutoff cuts cutting cvas cyanosis cyanotic cycle cycles cyclin cycling cyst cystic cysts cytokines
D dacron dadi daily dallas damage dandel daniel dark dase data database dataset datasets date david davis days deal death deaths debakey debate debates decade decades decay decel deceleration decide decision decisions decline decom decompensated decompr decompressor decr decre decreas decrease decreased decreases decreasing dedicated deep defect defects defi defibrillators deficiency deficit defin define defined defines defining definite definition definitions definitive definity deformation deformity degenerative degree degrees dehiscence delay delayed delays delineated delineation deliv deliver delivery demand demands demographics demonstrate demonstrated demonstrates demonstrating demystifying denied dense density dent denver department departmental departments depe depend dependant dependence dependent depending depends deployed deployment deposition depressed depression dept depth derivatives derive derived desaturation descending descent describe description design designed desired destr destruction detail detailed details detec detect detected detecting detection detects deter deterioration determ determinants determination determine determined determines determining devel develop developed developing development developments devereux deviation devic device devices dexfenfluramine dextrocardia diabet diabetes diabetic diabetics diac diag diagn diagnos diagnose diagnosed diagnoses diagnosing diagnosis diagnostic dial dialysis diam diamet diameter diameters diaphoresis diaphragmatic dias diasdxrx diast diastasis diasto diastol diastole diastoli diastolic diastology dice dicom died diego diem diet dietary dietz diff differen difference differences differential differentiate differentiates differentiating differentiation difficult difficulties difficulty diffuse digit digital digoxin dilat dilatation dilate dilated dilation diligence diluted dimension dimensional dimensions diminished ding diog diogr diol diov dipy dipyridamole dire direc direct directed direction directions directly director directors disability disadvantages disc discharge discharged disclose disclosure disclosures discomfort discontinued discordant discovered discrepancies discrepancy discrete discs discuss discussed discussion dise diseas disease diseased diseases disk disks disorder disorders displaced displacement display displayed displays disruption dissection dissemination dissociation dist dista distal distally distance distensibility distension distention distinct distinction distinguish distinguished distorted distortion distress distrib distribution disturbance ditis dium diuresis diuretic diuretics divide divided divides division divisions dizziness dobutamine doctors document documentation documented documents dokainish dolan dominant dong donor donors doppl dopple doppler dorv dose doses double doubly douglas downstream doxorubicin draft drain drainage drained draw drive driven driving drop dropout drug drugs dside dual dubi dubin duct ductal ductus duke dumesnil duplex duplicate durability duratio duration duties dynamic dynamics dysf dysfu dysfunction dysfunctional dyskinesia dyskinesis dyskinetic dysplasia dysplastic dyspnea dyss dyssynchronous dyssynchrony dystrophy dysynchrony
E earl earlier ears eart ease eased easier easily easur easy ebstein ebsteins eccentric echo echoc echoca echocar echocard echocardi echocardio echocardiog echocardiogr echocardiogra echocardiogram echocardiograms echocardiograp echocardiograph echocardiographer echocardiographers echocardiographic echocardiography echocardiology echocontrast echocore echocorelab echoes echogenic echogenicity echolucent echos econ ectasia ecti ectio ection ectopic ects edema edge edian edical edit edition edler educ education educational edure edvi edwards effect effecti effective effectiveness effects efficacy efficiency efficient effort efforts effusion effusions effusive ehlers eins ejection elab elastic elastin elates elco elderly elective electrical electrocardiography electronic electrophysiol element elements elev elevat elevated elevation elhendy eligibility eligible eliminate elin eline elines ellipsoid elliptical elocity elongated elongation emax embolectomy emboli embolic embolism embolization embolus ement emer emerged emergency emergent emerging emic emission emotion emotional emphasis emphysema employed employee employees employer employment enables enalapril ence encoding encountered endarterectomy endo endoc endocardi endocardial endocarditis endocardium endograft endoleak endomyocardial endot endothelial endothelium endovasc endovascular endpoint endpoints energy engage engl english enhance enhanced enhancement enhances ening enjoy enlarged enlargement enos enous enrolled enrollment ensi ensure ensures ensuring enter ential entire entities entity entr entricula entry ents envelope environment environmental enzyme enzymes eoas eous epak epicardial epicardium epidemiology epinephrine episode episodes eport eptal epub equal equalization equation equi equipment equivalent eral erat ered erenc erent erential eric erio erior erity eroa eros erpret error errors erse esence esophageal essential essentials essor essur establish established establishing esti estim estimate estimated estimates estimating estimation esvi etal eter ethical ethics ethnic etic etiologies etiology etoh etric eugene europe european eval evalu evaluability evaluat evaluate evaluated evaluates evaluating evaluation evalve evangelista evar evated evel event events eventually everest evidence evident evolution evolving exact exaggerated exam exami examination examinations examine examined examples exams exceed exceeds excellence excellent exceptional excess excessive exchange excision excitation exciting exclude excluded excluding exclusion excursion execg executive exer exerc exercise exercised exertion exertional exist existing exists expand expanded expanding expansion expect expectations expected expense expenses expensive experience experienced experiences experimental expert expertise experts expiration expiratory explain explanation explant explantation explanted exponential exposure exposures expressed expression exserohilum exte extend extended extending extends extension extensive extent external extra extracardiac extracranial extreme extremely extremities extremity eyeball eyes ezetimibe
F fabric fabry fabrys facc facilitate facilities facility facp factor factors faculty faha fail failed failing failure fair fall fallot falls fals false familial families family fase fashion fast faster fatal fatalities father fatigue fatty favor favorable favorably feasibility feasible feature features featuring february federal feedback feel feeling fees feet feigenbaum feinberg feinstein fellow fellows fellowship female females femoral fenestrated fenestrations fetal fetus fetuses fever fevers fewer fiber fibers fibr fibrillation fibrillin fibroelastic fibroelastoma fibromuscular fibrosa fibrosis fibrous field figure file fill filli fillin filling filter filters final finally financial finding findings fine finn fistula fits fixed flail flank flash flat flattening fleg flexibility flexible flip floating floor florida flow flows fluid fluoroscopy flush flushing flutter focal focus focused fold foll follo follow followup font fontan food football foramen force forces fore foreshortened foreshortening forget forgotten form formal format formation forms formula foronda forward fossa foster found foundation fraction fractional fractions frame frames framingham francis frank franke frankfurt frcpc free freedom freeze frequ frequencies frequency frequent frequently friedberg friedreichs friend friendly frommelt front frontiers fruste fter func functi functio function functional functions fund fundamental funding fusion future
G gabriel gadolinium gain gained gaining gains galiuto ganame garbage garcia gardi gardin gashi gastric gated gating gender gene gener generalized generate generation genes genetic genetically genetics genomics genotype geometr geometric geometry george gerald gerbode gerhard gerhardherman germany gery gest gestation gestational geva gewillig ghio giant gies ging gional gitant gitation giving glenn glimepiride globa global goal goals gold goldstein gopal gorcsan gore gorlin gottdiener gotz government gpci grad grade graded grades gradi gradient gradients grading gradual gradually graduate graft grafts graham gram grant granted grants granulomas grap graph gray grayburn green grey grimm gross grou ground grow growing growth guess guidance guide guided guideline guidelines guiding gynecol
H habitus hahn half haluska hand handed handling hands hanekom hanic happening happy harbor hard harmful harmoni harmonic harmonics harry harvard hatle hazard hcmp head headache healing health healthcare healthy hear heard heart heartmate hearts heat heavy height held helpful helps hematoma hemo hemochromatosis hemod hemody hemodynamic hemodynamically hemodynamics heparin hepat hepatic hepatomegaly herzog heterogeneity heterogeneous heterotaxy hetic hfpef hibberd hibernating hich higashisumiyoshi highlighting highlights highly hill hing hingepoints hints hire hisham hist histologic histology histor history hlhs hnic hnical hoca hoch hocm hoffman hoit hold holds hole holes holodiastolic holosystolic holter home homogeneous homograft homografts honest hononegah hons hope hopkins hormone horton hosp hospit hospital hospitalization hospitalizations hospitalized hospitals host hour hours house houston howard howev hraska hree hrom hrony huhta human humans hung hybrid hydralazine hydrops hype hyper hypercholesterolemia hyperdynamic hyperemia hyperemic hyperenhancement hypereosinophilic hyperkinesis hyperlipide hyperlipidemia hypersensitivity hypert hyperten hypertensio hypertension hypertensive hypertro hypertrophic hypertrophy hypo hypokinesia hypokinesis hypokinetic hypoplasia hypoplastic hypotension hypotensive hypothesis hypoxemia hypoxia hyth
I iabp iate ibarot ibeat ible icael ical icar icat icav icavl icle icular icus icvts idea ideal ideas ided ident identi identical identif identification identified identifies identify identifying ider idiopathic ieee ient iews ific ight iiia iiib iing iion iliac ilights ilit illing illness illustrative imag image imaged images imagi imaging iming imme immediately immobile immune impact impacts impaired impairment impedance imperfect implant implantation implanted implants implement implementation implementing implications import importance impression impro improper improv improve improved improvement improvements improves improving impulse imum inaccurate inadequate inappropriate inappropriately inber inbred incide incidence incident incidental inclu include included includes including inclusion income incomplete incorporate incorporated incorporates incorporating incorrect incr incre increa increas increase increased increases increasing increasingly increment incremental increments inde independent independently index indexed indexes indi indic indication indications indicative indicator indicators indices indings indirect individual individualized individuals indomethacin induc induce induced induces inducible industry ined inew inexpensive infancy infant infants infarct infarction infarctions infection infections infectious infective inferi inferior infero inferolateral inferoseptal infiltrates infiltration infiltrative inflammation inflammatory inflation inflow influence influenced influences influencing info infor inform information informed infundibular infusion ingrowth inherent inheritance inhibitor inhibitors inic init initial initially initiated initiative inject injected injecting injection injections injects injury inlet innominate innovation innovations innovative inotropic inpatient inpatients inpt input insert insertion inside insight insights insp inspection inspiration inspiratory inst instant instantaneous institute institution institutional instructor instrument instrumentation insufficiency insulin insurance intact inte integral integrate integrated integrating integration integrity intended intense intensity intensive inter interaction interactions interactive interatrial interdependence interface interim intermediate intermittent intern internal international internet interobserver interpr interpret interpretable interpretation interpretations interpreting interrogation interrupted intersocietal interstitial interv interval intervals intervalvular intervene intervent intervention interventional interventions interventricular interview inthe intima intimal intimamedia intolerance intr intra intracardiac intracavitary intracranial intramural intraoperative intrapericardial intrathoracic intravascular intravenous intraventricular intrinsic introduction invas invasive invasively inversely inversion inversus investigate investigation investigational investigator investigators invol involve involved involvement involves involving iodinated iogra iology ional ions ious ired iron irradiation irreg irregular irrespective irreversible isch ischemi ischemia ischemic isense ishlt isin ision isolated isovelocity isovolumic issu issue issues ital italy itatio items iterative itfa itial itral iunplugged ival ivct ivers ivision ivity ivmd ivrt ivus ized
J jacc jama james janardhanan janousek japan japanese jase javier jean ject jenkins jennifer jets jewish john johns join joint jonas jonathan jose journal jtcs jtcvs jude judgment jugular junction
K kaiser kansai kansas kaplan kappa karen kastelei kastelein katharinen katz kaufmann kaul kawasaki keller kerr keys khairy khanderia kidney kidneys kihd kimball king kirk klein kline kness knobology knoll knowledge korea kreutzer kurt kusnetzky kwan kwong
L label labeling labor laboratories laboratory labs lachmann lack laminar lancet land landmarks lang language lantheus laque larger largest laser lasix late lated latent lateral laterally lation laub lavi lavv lavvr laws layer layers lbbb lead leader leadership leading leads leaf leafl leaflet leaflets leak leakage leaks lean learn learned learning lease leave leaving lecture lectures left leftward legal legend legendary legends legs length lengthening leong leptin lero lesion lesions lesson lessons lester letter leukocyte leuven level levels levine libman lica licensure lies life lifesciences lifetime ligand ligation light likelihood lima liman limb limbs limit limitation limitations limited limiting limits lind linda lindner line linear lines ling linic link linked lipid list listen literature lity live liver lives living lized load loaded loading lobe lobes loca local localization localized locate located location locations lock loculated loeys logic logistic lombardo longe longi longit longitudinal longterm loop loops lopez lorcaserin losartan loss lost lots loud louis love lowe lower lowered lowering lowest lpei lukes lume lumen lumes luminal lung lungs lupus lusion lvad lvads lvdf lvdp lved lvedd lvedp lvedv lvef lves lvesd lvesv lvesvi lvfp lvfwr lvidd lvids lvif lvnc lvot lvoto lvsf
M machine machines mage mages magn magne magnetic magnitude main maintain maintained maintaining maintains maintenance major majority makes malalignment male males malformation malformations malignant mall malm malposition malpractice mals mana manage management manager managers managing mandated mandatory maneuvers mani manifest manifestation manifestations manipulation mann manner manual manually manufacturer mapping marfan margin marginal margins mario mark marked markedly marker markers market marketing maron marrow marti martin marwick marx mary maryland mask mass massachusetts masses massive match matched matching mate material materials maternal mathematical mati matrix matter matters mavroudis maxi maxim maximal maximize maximum mayo mbbs mcculloch mcgill mcmahon mcsd mdct means meas measu measur measurable measure measured measurement measurements measures measuring mecha mechanical mechanics mechanism mechanisms medi media medial median mediated medic medica medicaid medical medically medicare medication medications medicin medicine medium meds medt medtronic meet meeting meetings meets meier meijboom melanoma mellitus melody membership membrane membranous memorial memory menon ment mental mentor mentoring menu merging meric mertens mesa mesenteric message messages meta metaboli metabolic metabolism metal metastasis metastatic meth method methodist methodology methods metm metoprolol mets meyer mias mibi mice mich michael michigan micro microbiological microbubble microbubbles microcirculation microsoft microsphere microspheres microvascular micu middle midpointsurements mike mild milder mildly miller million millions mind mine ming mini minim minimal minimize minimizes minimum minor mins minute minutes miracle mirror misdiagnosis miske misleading mismatch miss missed missing mission missouri mistakes mitchell mitochondrial mitr mitra mitraclip mitral mitralign mixed mmhg mmode mobile mobility modalities modality mode model models moder moderate moderately modern modest modestly modification modifications modified modulation modules modulus moir molecular momi monaghan moni monin monitor monitored monitoring monitors monophasic mont month monthly months montreal morbid morbidity morehead morimoto morning morphologic morphological morphology mortality mosaic mosby mother motion mount mouse move moved movement moving mple msct msec mtee muga mult multi multicenter multidisciplinary multimodality multiplane multiple multivariate multivessel mulv mulvagh mural murine murmur murmurs muscle muscles muscular mustard mutation mutations myect myecto myectom myectomy myeloid myoc myoca myocar myocard myocardi myocardial myocarditis myocardium myocyte myocytes myopathy myxoma myxomatous
N nageuh nagueh naqvi narrow narrowest narrowing nary nascet nati national native natriuretic natural nature nausea nces ncre ncti nders nding necessity neck necrosis necrotic needle needles negativ negative negatives neglected neil neilan nejm nelson neochord neonatal neonate neonates neovascularization ness nesser network networking neurologic neurological neuromuscular newborn news nical nice niche night ning nishimura nitric nmma nocturnal node nodules noise nomenclature nomograms noncompaction noncontrast nondiagnostic nonfatal noninvasive nonischemic nonresponders nonspecific norm norma normal normalization normalized normals normative north northwestern northwick norwood nosis notch note noted notify novartis nsabp nsion nsit nstemi nsvt nter ntif ntify ntra ntrast ntric ntricular nuchal nuclear numerous nuremberg nurse nurses nursing nutritional nyha nyquist
O obese obesity object objective objectives oblique observation observational observations observe observed observer obstet obstetric obstetrics obstruction obstructive obtain obtained obtaining obvious ocar occasionally occluded occluder occluding occlusi occlusion occlusions occlusive occult occur occurred occurring occurs ocit ocity odds oderat odynam offer offered offers office officer offr ogra ograp ograph ohio olic ollows olog olor olum olume omet ommen onal onar onary ongoing onic online onse onset onsite opacification opera operate operating operation operational operations operative operator opin opinion oppler opportunities opportunity opposing opposite opti optim optima optimal optimization optimize optimized optimizing option optional options optison oral orat oregon organ organisms organization organizations organized organs orientation orifice orifices origin original originate originates originating orleans orma ormal orsinelli orthogonal orthopnea osaka oscillation oscillations osis osof ospit ostia ostial ostic ostium otal otati otic otid otto ound outc outcome outcomes outer outflow outlet outline outlines outpatient outpatients output outward oval ovale ovascular overcome overestimate overestimated overestimates overexpression overlap overload overlooked overlying overriding oversight overview ower oxford oxide oxygen
P pacc pace paced pacemaker pacemakers pacer pacing package paclitaxel pacs padp page paid pain paired paivs palliation palma palpable palpitations pamela pandian panel pannus paper papillary papvr para parabolic parachute paradigm paradigms paradox paradoxical paradoxus parallel paramet parameter parameters parametric parasternal paravalvular parenchymal parental parietal paris park parker paroxysmal partial partially participants participate participating participation partition partum pasp pass passive past patch patchy pate patel patency patent path patho pathol pathologic pathological pathology pathophysiology pathway pathways pati patie patien patient patients patientswith patricia patrick pattern patterns paul paulo payers payment payments pazt pbmv pcwp peak peaks pearls pectoris pediatr pediatric pediatrics peer pellikka penn pennsylvania people peptides percent percentage percentile percutaneous perez perf perfect perflutren perfor perforating perforation perforations perforator perform performance performed performing perfus perfusio perfusion peri periannular peric perica pericardi pericardial pericardiectomy pericardiocentesis pericarditis pericardium perinatal perinatologist perinatology period periodic periods perioperative peripartum periph peripher peripheral periprosthetic perivalvular permanent permission permits peroneal perpendicular pers persistence persistent persists person personal personality personnel persons perspective pertinent peter phantom pharma pharmacologic pharmacological pharmacy phase phased phases phasic phenomenon phenotype phenotypic phenotyping pher phic philadelphia philips phillips phone phtn phys physi physical physician physicians physics physio physiol physiologic physiological physiologist physiologists physiology pibarot pical picard picture pictures pigs pioglitazone piratory pisa pita pitf pitfalls pitting pittsburgh pitzalis plaato plac placebo placement placental placing plan plana plane planes planimetry planned planning plans plaq plaqu plaque plaques plasma plastic plateau platelet platelets plavix plax play plays plenary plenty pler plet plete plethora pleur pleural plot pmhx pneumonia pocket poin polak policies policy poly pondek pool pooled poor poorer poorly popliteal population populations porcine port portability portable porter portion portions posit positi position positioned positioning positions positiv positive positives possibility possibly post poster posterior posterolateral postmenopausal postnatal postop postoperative postpartum posts postsystolic potential potentially potentials potomac power powerful ppaca ppcm ppler prac practical practice practices prasad prec precise precision preclinical predic predict predicted predicting prediction predictive predictor predictors predicts predischarge predisposing predominance predominant predominantly preferable preferably preferred pregnancies pregnancy pregnant preliminary preload premature prenatal prenatally preop preoperative prep preparation prepare preparing pres prescribed prese presen presence presenta presentation presentations presenter preserve preserved preset presets president presidents press pressor pressure pressures presumed presyncope prev prevalence prevalent prevent preventing prevention preventive prevents previous previously prim primar primarily primary primer primum principal principle principles print prior priorities private probability probe probes problematic probnp proc procedural procedure procedures proceed process processes processing produce produced produces product production productivity products prof profession professional professionals professor profile profiles profound prog prognosis prognostic program programmed programming programs progress progression progressive progressively project projected projection prolapse prolate prolongation prolonged prominent promising promote prompt prone proof prop propagation proper properly properties proportion proportional proposal proposed pros prosp prospect prospective prospectively prostheses prosthesis prosthetic proteases protect protected protection protein proteins protocol protocols prov prove proved proven provide provided provider providers providing provisional prox proximal proximally pruritis psax pseu pseudo pseudoaneurysm pseudonormal ptal ptom ptsma public publication publications published publishing pulled pulm pulmo pulmon pulmonale pulmonar pulmonary pulmonic puls pulsatile pulsatility pulse pulsed pulses pulsing pulsus pump puncture purchase pure purpose push putting pvad pvcs pwtd
Q qpqs quad quadricuspid qual qualification qualifications qualified qualify qualitative quality quantification quantified quantify quantifying quantitate quantitation quantitative quebec quest question questions quick quickly quicktimetm quinones quote
R race rach ract radi radia radial radiation radical radiol radiologists radiology radionuclide radius rafique rage raher rahko rain raise rajagopalan rakowski rales rall random randomization randomized range ranges ranging ranial rank rans rapacz raph rapid rapidly rare rarely rassi rast rastelli rate rates ratio ration ratios rats raymond rbbb rcis rdca rdcs rdia rdial rdio rdiol rdiosphere rdms reach reached reaction reactions reactive reactivity read reader readers readily reading ready real reality reant reas rease reason reasonable reasons rebecca rebuttal receive received receives receiving recent recently reception receptor recesses recipient recipients reco recognition recognize recognized recoil recommend recommendation recommendations recommended reconstructed reconstruction record recorded recording recordings records recov recover recovered recovery recruit recruiting recruitment recto recurrence recurrent redeeming redi redistribution redit redo reduc reduce reduced reduces reducing reduction reductions refer reference references referral referred referring refill reflect reflected reflection reflects reflow reflux reform refractory region regional regions register registered registration registry regressed regression regu regular regularly regulation regulations regulatory regur regurg regurgi regurgit regurgitant regurgitation rehab rehabilitation reichek reimbursement reimbursements rejection rela relat relate related relates relating relation relations relationship relationships relativ relative relax relaxation release relevance relevant reliability reliable relief relocation rely remain remainder remained remaining remains remember remodeling remodelling remote removal remove removed rena renal renals rendering renovascular rential reoperation repair repaired repairs repeat repeated reperfusion repetition replace replaced replacement replenishment report reported reporting reports represent representation representative represented represents reproduced reproduci reproducibility reproducible requency requested requir require required requirement requirements requires requiring research resection reserve reserved residual resistance resistant resistive resolution resolve resolved reson resonance resource resources resp respect respiration respiratory respo respond responder responders response responses responsibilities responsibility responsible rest restenosis resting restoration restored restri restrict restricted restriction restrictions restrictiv restrictive resu result resulting results resynchronization retention retest rethinq retired retrograde retrospective retrosternal return returned revasc revascularization revascularized reveal revealed reveals revenue reversal reverse reversed reversible revie review reviewed reviews revised revision revisions revolution rgit rheumatic rheumatoid rhyt rhythm rial rica rich richard rick ricuspid rights rightward rigling ring rings rior ript rise rises risk risks ritter rivas rmal rmbf rnal robbers robert roberta roberto roberts robust rochester rock role roles roll roller rols roman ronderos root rosai rose rosp ross rotate rotation rotational roti rotid round rounded routine routinely roxy rpvi rteri rtic rudski rule rules running rupture ruptured rural rveda rvedp rvef rvfac rvmv rvol rvot rvsp rwma rxed ryan
S saba sacks safe safety sagittal saint saline sample samples sampling sandra sankt sano sanofi saphenous sarano sarcoid sarcoidosis sarcoma sarcomere sarcomeric satisfactory saturation save saved savings scale scan scanning scans scar scenarios schapiro schedule scheduled schiller scholarships school schools science sciences scientific scientists scintigraphy scleroderma scope score scores scoring scottsdale screen screened screening scrp sdms seal search seattle secondary secretary section sectional sector secundum sedation segm segment segmental segments select selected selectin selecting selection sell semi semiautomated semilunar semiquantitative send sengupta senile senior senn senning sens sense sensed sensiti sensitiv sensitive sensitivity seoul separate separation seplanto sepsis septa septal septostomy septu septum sequelae sequence sequencing sequential serial series serology serum serve service services sess session sessions sets setting settings setup seve sever severe severely severity seward sewing sewn shadowing shaft shah shape shaped share shared sharing sharon sharp shaw shear sheath shell sherif shift shifts shock shooting short shorten shortening shorter shortest shortness shoulders shown shunt shunting shunts sick sicu sided siemens sigmoid sign signal signals signature signif signific significance significant significantly signs similar simple simplified simpson simpsons simulate simultaneous simultaneously simvastatin sinai sing singh single sinotubular sinus sinuses sion site sites sitivity sitting situation situations situs sity size sized sizes sizing skeletal skill skills skin sleep slice slices slide slides slightly slope slow slowed slower slowly smith smoker smoking smooth social society soft software sohn sole solely solid soliman solitary solution solutions sonogra sonograp sonograph sonographer sonographers sonography sonomicrometry soph sophia sorin soul sound sounds source sources south southern space span sparing spatial speaker speakers speaking spec special specialist specialists specialty specif specific specifically specificit specificity speckle speckles speckling spect spectral spectrum speech speed spending sphere sphericity spin spine split spondylitis sponsor sponsored spontaneous sports spread spwmd square ssfp ssment ssur ssure stability stable staff staffing stage stages stain stal stan stand standard standardization standardize standardized standards standing staph star start started starting starts stasis stat statement statin statins station statistical statistically statistics status stay steady steal stein stem stemi sten steno stenos stenoses stenosi stenosis stenotic stent stented stenting stentless stents step stephen steps sterile sternal steroid steroids steven stewart stic stiffness stimulation stimulus stitched stitching stolic stomach stone stop stopped stor storage store stored stra straddling strai straight strain strains strategic strategies strategy stratification stratified stratify stre stream strength strengths stres stress stressor stressors stretch stretching stri stro stroke strokes strong stronger strongly stru structural structure structures stud student students studi studied studies study stumping stunned stunning style subacute subaortic subas subc subclav subclavian subclinical subcostal subendocardi subendocardial subepicardial subgroups subject subjective subjects submaximal submission submissions submit submitted suboptimal subsequent subset substantial substrate subtle subtraction subvalvular success successful suction sudden sufficient sugeng suggest suggested suggestive suggests suitable suite suited sumi summary summation summed superficial superior superv supervised supervising supervision supine supp suppl supplemental supplies supply support supported supporting supportive suppression supra suprasternal supravalvar supravalvular surface surfaces surg surge surgeon surgeons surgeries surgery surgi surgical surgically surrogate surrounding surv surveillance survey survival survivors susceptibility susceptible suspect suspected suspicion sustained suture sutures sweep swelling swine swirling switch symmetric symp symposia symposium symptom symptomatic symptoms sync synchronization synchrony syncope syndrome syndromes syngo syringe syst syste system systematic systemic systems systo systole systoli systolic
T table tachycardia tage tagging tail tajik takayasu takes taking tako takotsubo talk tamp tamponade tandem tant tape tapse tapvc target targeted targeting targets tarva task tati tatio tavr tcad tcpc teaching team tech techn technical technically technician technicians technique techniques technologies technologist technologists technology techs teenage tees temporal tension tenting tera teri terior term termination terminology terms territories territory tertiles test tested testing tests tethering tetralogy texas text texture thallium theory ther therap therapeutic therapies therapy thibault thic thick thickened thickening thicker thickness thigh thin thinning thomas thomps thorac thoracic thoracotomy thousand threatening threshold thresholds thro thrombectomy thrombi thrombolysis thrombolytic thrombosed thrombosis thrombus throughput thyroid tial tias tibial tien ties tight tightening tiion tile tilt tima time timeline timely times timi timing timinmotion ting tions tips tiss tissue titin title tive tmsv tobacco todd tole tolerance toli tolic tomographic tomography tomorrow tomtec tone tong tonometry tool toole tools topics torcetrapib torn toronto torsion tortuous tory toshiba total touch tough tournoux toxicity trabeculae trabecular trabeculation trabeculations trac trace tracer tracing tracings track tracking tracks tract tracts trade traditional train trained training traits tral tran trans transaortic transcatheter transducer transducers transeptal transesophageal transfer transferred transfusion transgastric transgene transgenic transient transit transition transitional translate translation translational translocation translucency transmission transmit transmitral transmural transp transpl transplant transplantation transplanted transposition transseptal transthoracic transthyretin transvalvular transverse trast trastuzumab trauma traumatic travel treadmill treat treated treatment treatments tree trends tres tress triage trial trials tribouilloy tric tricks tricu tricuspid triggered triggering trimester trip triphasic triplane trisomy trivial troponin trouble truc true truncate truncated truncation truncus trunk trust truth tsubo tsutsui tsvi ttee ttiio ttts tube tubular tudi tulzer tumor tumors tunica tunnel turbulence turbulent turner tutorial twin twist tworetzky type types typical typically
U uati uced ucktm ucla ucsd ucsf udina udinal udonorm uematsu uence ular ulat ulation ulmonary ulta ulti ultiple ultr ultra ultras ultrasonic ultrasonography ultrasou ultrasound ults umbilical ummary unable unapparent unbalanced uncertain unchanged unclear uncommon uncomplicated unct unde underestimate underestimated underestimates underestimation undergo undergoing underlying unders understand understanding understood underwent unenhanced uneventful unexplained unforgettable unicuspid uniform unique unit united units univ univentricular univers universit universities university unknown unlimited unnecessary unpublished unrecognized unrelated unstable untreated untwist untwisting unusual update updates upgrade upper upright upstroke uptake ural ures urgent urine urtesy urticaria usage usefulness user users usio usua usual utero utility utilization utilize utilized ution
V vads vague valid validated validation valsalva valu valuable values valv valvar valve valved valves valvotomy valvular valvuloplasty vannan vari variability variable variables variant variants variation variations varied varies variety vary varying vasa vasc vascu vascul vascula vascular vascularization vasculature vasculitis vasculopathy vasoactivity vasodilation vasodilator vasodilators vasoreactivity vasorum vcam vector vegetati vegetation vegetations vegf vein veins velo veloc veloci velocit velociti velocities velocity vena vendor vendors veno venosus venous vent ventilation ventr ventric ventricle ventricles ventricular ventriculo ventriculography ventriculotomy verbal vere verif verification verify vers verse versi version versit versus vert vertebral vertebrals vertical vessel vessels viability viable video videocases view viewed viewing viewpoint views vijay vilacosta viral virginia virtually visceral visible vision visit visits visser visual visualization visualize visualized visualizing visualsonics vital vitals vitro vity vivid vivo vmax vogel voigt voltage volu volum volume volumes volumetric volunteer volunteers vomiting voted vsds vular vulnerable
W waggoner waist wait waiting wake walk wall walled walls walter wang ward wards warfarin warm warning warnings warranted washington watch watchful watchman water watts wave wavefor waveform waveforms waves weak weakness weaning weather webb website wedge week weekly weeks weidemann weight weighted weil weiland weiner weissman western weyman whats whic white wide widell widely wider widespread width wife wigle wild william williams window windows wing wire wisconsin wise withdrawn withi witho witt wmsi woman womb women wood workbook workflow workforce workload workshop workup world worldwide worry worse worsened worsening worst worth wrap wrist writing written wrong
Y yale yang yearly yellow yield ylor ympt ynchrony yocardial yonsei york yoshi ysis ystolic
Z zoghbi zone zoom

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