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John Rogerson, KCAI (ADV. WT., ADV BEH)

John lectures all around the world including China, Taiwan, New Zealand, Dubai, India, America, Mexico, Cuba, and many European countries. He is equally at home lecturing at universities and almost every organization connected with dog training and behavior. He is an advisor to many animal charities worldwide and also involved in canine education working with government agencies. John has competed with his dogs at the very highest level in the UK over a 35 years and has also judged at the highest level of competition.

He was awarded the Advanced Kennel Club Accreditation in Dog Training and Behavior at a ceremony at the Kennel Club in London five years ago, thereby earning the KCAI after his name and is one of only six trainers around the world who has the advanced canine behavior accreditation endorsed by the national certification body in the UK, City and Guilds.

Northern Centre for Canine Behaviour