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Keynote Speaker: Tales from
the Field: The Diverse Faces...
Developing Alternatives to Food
and Toys: Personal Play!
Addressing Failure to Perform
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Crucial, Common Sense & Cutting-Edge
Concepts in Dog Training
APDT 2013 Conference Booklet
REX: The Best Marketing You
Never Paid For
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The Things They Don't Teach...
Symposium: Prey Drive Case Studies
Addressing Failure to Perform
and Building Cooperation into...
Fearful Fido to Confident Canine
How Dangerous Is He? Assessing
the Risk of Injury by Aggressive...
Developing Your Classes Curriculum:
How to Know What to Teach
Top 5 Integrative Medicine Pearls
of Wisdom for Healthy Dogs
Secrets of the Stomach: Exploring
the Relationship Between Nutrition...


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