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Keynote Speaker: Tales from
the Field: The Diverse Faces...
Developing Alternatives to Food
and Toys: Personal Play!
Addressing Failure to Perform
and Building Cooperation into...
Crucial, Common Sense & Cutting-Edge
Concepts in Dog Training
APDT 2013 Conference Booklet
REX: The Best Marketing You
Never Paid For
The Challenges of Being a Consultant:
The Things They Don't Teach...
Symposium: Prey Drive Case Studies
Addressing Failure to Perform
and Building Cooperation into...
Fearful Fido to Confident Canine
Dynamics of Dog-Dog Friendships:
Case Studies from Videotaped...
Drive: Building, Controlling
and Maintaining It
Puppy Classes: Benefits of Early
Learning and Socialization...
Introduction to A Day of Play
- Video Clip Slide 53


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