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We have provided a general list of keywords and combinations of letters extracted from the presentation materials to help you narrow your search results, some keywords may not be English words but are relevant to documents within this library.

A aacn aanp aapos abandon abandonment abbott abbreviations abcs abdomen abdomenal abdominal abilities ability ablation abman abnor abnorm abnormal abnormalities abnormality abnormally abortion abreast abrupt abruptio abruption abruptions abscess absence absent absolute absorb absorbed absorption absorptive abstinence abstract abstracts abuse abused abusive academic academy accelerate accelerated acceleration accelerations accept acceptable acceptance accepted accepting access accident accidental accidents accompanied accomplish accomplished accomplishments account accountability accounted accounting accounts accreditation accreta accretion accumulate accumulated accumulation accuracy accurate accurately acetaminophen acetate acetic acetyl acetylcholine ache achieve achieved achievement achieving acid acidemia acidemias acidophilus acidosis acids acknowledge acls acme acnm acog acquire acquired acquiring acrocyanosis acronym acta acth acti actice acting action actions activ activate activated activates activating activation active actively activities activity acts actual acuity acut acute acyanotic acyclovir acyl acylcarnitine acylcarnitines adaptability adaptable adaptation adaptations adapted adaptive added addicted addiction adding addition additional additive additives address addressed addresses addressing adenosine adenylyl adequacy adequate adequately ades adhd adhere adherence adhesion adhesive adipose adjacent adjunct adjust adjusted adjusting adjustment adjustments administer administered administering administration administrative administrators admission admissions admit admits admitted admitting adolesc adolescence adolescent adolescents adopt adopted adoption adrenal adrenergic adult adulthood adults adva advance advanced advancement advances advancing advantage advantages adverse advice advisory advocacy advocate aeeg afebrile affairs affect affected affecting affects affinity afraid african afterload afternoon aged agencies agency agenda agent agents ages aggregation aggressive aggressively aging agitation agonist agonists agree agreed agreement ahead ahlfors ahrq aids aiken ailure aimed ains aircraft airflow airw airway airways ajdc ajnr ajog ajrccm alan alanine alarm alarms albatross albert albumin albuterol alcohol aldosterone alert alertness algorithm algorithms alice alike alit alive alkaline alkalosis alleged allele allen allergen allergic allergies allergy alligators allocation allowed allowing ally alogy alpha alter alteration alterations altered altering alternate alternating alternative alternatives alters altimier altitude aluation alue aluminum alveolar alveolarization alveoli alway ambient ameliorates amer america american americans amiloride amin amino aminoglycosides amiodarone ammari ammat ammonia amniocentesis amnion amniotic amount amounts amoxicillin ampicillin amplatzer amplification amplifies amplitude anaerobes anaerobic anal analgesia analgesic analgesics analy analyses analysis analytical analyze analyzed anand anastamosis anatomic anatomy ance ancillary anderson ando anecdotal anem anemia anemias anemic anencephaly aneous anesthesia anesthesiologist anesthetic anesthetics anesthetists ange anger angiogenesis angiotensin angle angrily anhydrase animal animals animation anion anions anita anne annual annually anomalies anomalous anomaly anorexia anova answer answered answering answers antagonist antagonists antenatal antepartum anterior anti antibiotic antibiotics antibodies antibody anticipate anticipated anticipation anticipatory anticoagulant anticoagulants anticoagulation anticonvulsant anticonvulsants antidepressants antigen antigens antihistamines antihypertensive antihypertensives antimicrobial antimicrobials antioxidant antioxidants antiphospholipid antireflux antithrombin antoine ants anus anxiety anxious aorta aortic apgar apgars apne apnea apneas apneic apoptosis apoptotic apparatus apparent appeal appearance appeared appears appellate appetite appl applicability applicable application applications applied apply applying appointed appr apprais appraisal appraise appraising appreciably appreciation approach approaches approaching appropriately approval approved approx approximate approximately aprn aranda arcc arch arching architecture archives ards aren arent arginine arise arises arizona arms arnp arom arose arousal arousals arranging arrest arrhythmia arrhythmias arrival arrive arrives arter arterial arteries arteriosus artery arthritis arthrogryposis article articles artifact artificial asap ascending aschner ascites ased aseptic asia asian asians askie askin asma aspect aspects asph asphyxia asphyxial asphyxiated aspirate aspirates aspiration aspirin assault assay assays asse asselin assess assessed assessing assessm assessment assessments assign assigned assignment assignments assist assistance assistant assisted assisting assists asso assoc associ associate associates association associations assume assumes assuming assumption assumptions assure assures assuring asthma asthmatic astrocytes asymmetric asymptomatic asystole atal ated atelectasis atelectrauma ater aternal ates atic ating atio ation ations ative atmosphere atom atony atopic ator atpase atresia atresias atria atrial atric atrium atrophy atropine attach attached attachment attack attacks attain attainment attempt attempted attempts attend attending attention attentional attitude attitudes attorney attributed attributes atur atypical audible audio audit auditory audits augments aureus austin australia australian author authoritative authorities authority authors auto autoimmune automated automatic autonomic autonomy autopsy autoregulation autosomal availability avascular avenue average aversion avery avoi avoid avoidance avoiding avoids avor awaiting awake aware awareness awhonn axis azithromycin azzopardi
B babies baboon baby background bacteremia bacteri bacteria bacterial bacteriuria bacteroides baffle bagged baker balance balanced balancing balducci ball ballard balloon baltimore band banding bands bank banks banner baquero barbie barker barnabas barotrauma barr barrier barriers barrington bartlett barton basal base based baseline bases basic basically basics basis bates bathe bathing batteries bauer bayley bear bearing beat beats beatty beck bedding bedrest beds bedside befor begin beginning beginnings begins begun behalf behav behavior behavioral behaviors belief beliefs believed believes bell bellows belong belts beneficence beneficial benefit benefits benign benitz benjamin bennet benzathine benzodiazepines bereavement bernadette bernstein berseth beta betamethasone beth bethesda betw beware bhutani bias biases bibliography bicarb bicarbonate bidirectional bifidobacteria bifidobacterium bigger biggest bilateral bile bili biliary bilious bilir bilirubin bility bill billion binasal bind binders binding binds bioavailability biochemical bioethics biol biologic biological biology biomarkers biomedical biophysical biopsies biopsy biotics biotrauma biphasic bipolar bipyridine bird birmingham birt birth birthing births birthweight bite bjog bjorklund black blackberry blackwell bladder blair blalock blame bland blanket blankets bleed bleeding bleeds blended blenders blendon blind blinded blindness block blockade blocked blocker blockers blocking blocks bloo blood bloodstream bloody bloom blow bloxsom blue blues blume blurred board boards bobby bodies bodily body bolus boluses bond bonding bone bones book books boolean boomers boost border borderline bore bored born borns bose boston bottle bottles bottom boulevard bound boundaries boundary bounding bouvier bowel bowers boxes boyle boys bpca brachial brady bradycardia brain brains branch branches brea break breakdown breaks breas breast breastfed breastfeed breastfeedi breastfeeding breastmilk breasts breath breathe breathing breathings breaths breathsavers breech breve brian bridge bridging briggs brigham bright bring bringing brings broad broaden broken bromide bron bronchodilator bronchodilators bronchopulmonary brooks brothers brought brown browne bruising bubble buccal budget buffer bugging bugs build building built bulletin bumps bundle bundled burden burdened burke burn burning burnout burns burst bursts bush business busy butter button byproducts
C caffeine calcitonin calcium calculate calculated calculating calculations calculator calibration california call called calls calm caloric calories camp campath campbell canada canadian canal canalicular cancer candida candidate candidates candle candlepower cannula cannulae capabilities capability capable capacitance capacity capillaries capillary caplan capture caput carbapenems carbicarb carbohydrate carbohydrates carbon carbonic card cardi cardiac cardio cardiology cardiomegaly cardiomyopathy cardiopulmonary cardiovascular cardioversion cards care cared career careful carefully caregiver caregivers caregiving cares caring carlan carnitine carolyn carotid carried carrier carries carry carrying cars cart carter cartilage cascade casei casting catabolism catastrophic catch catecholamine catecholamines catego categories category cath cathe catheter catheterization catheters cati cation cations catlin caucasian caucasians caus causal causation causative caused causing caution cautionary cautious cautiously cava cavity ccrn ccur cease cefazolin cefepime cefotaxime ceftriaxone celebrate cell cells cellular cement cent center centered centers central cents century cephalic cephalohematoma cephalosporins cerclage cereb cerebellum cerebr cerebral cerebrospinal certainty certificate certification certified cervical cervix cesarean cess cessation cgmp chain chair chairman challenge challenged challenges challenging chambers champion chan chance chang change changed changing channel channels chantry chaotic chaplains chapman chapter character characteristic characteristics characterized charge charged charges charity charpak chart charting charts chaussier check checked checklist checklists cheeks cheese chemical chemicals chemistry chemo chemotaxis chen chest chicago chief child childbearing childbirth childhood childr children childrens chin chiou chlamydia chloride chlorinated chocolate choice choices cholecystokinin cholestasis cholesterol choose choosing chorio chorioamnionitis chose chosen chow chris christensen christmas chromosomal chromosome chromosomes chronic chylothorax cicu cinahl cing cinrgi circ circadian circle circuit circulating circulation circulations circulatory circumcision circumference circumstances cirrhosis cisapride citations cited citrate citrulline city civil claims clamping clancy clarify clarity clark class classes classic classical classification classified classify clavicular clearance clearinghouse cleft cleveland click client clifford climate climb climbing clin clindamycin clinic clinical clinically clinician clinicians clinics clinodactyly clinton clip clock clonic clonidine clonus clos close closed closely closes closest closing clostridia closure clot clotting club clubfeet clubfoot clubs clues cluster clustering clyman cnaan cnnp coach coag coagulation coagulopathies coagulopathy coalson coarctation cocaine cocci cochrane cocktail code codeine codes coding cognition cognitive cohesion cohort coil coin coincident coincides cold cole coli colic coll collaborate collaborating collaboration collaborativ collaborative collagen collapse collapsed colleagues collect collected collecting collection collective college collins colloid colloids colon colonization colonized color colorado colum columbia coma comatose combi combination combinations combine combined combo comfort comfortable comforting coming command comme commensal comments commercial commission commit commitment committed committee committees common commonly communicate communicated communicates communicating communication communications community comp compa companies company comparable comparative compare compared comparing comparison comparisons compartments compassion compatible compensate compensates compensation competence competencies competency competent competing competition compl complained complaints complement complementary complete completed completely completion complex complexes complexities complexity compliance complicated complication complications comply component components composite composition compounds comprehension comprehensive compression compressions comprises compromise compromised compromises compulsive computer computerized computers conc conce concentrate concentrating concentration concentrations concept conception concepts conceptual concern concerned concerns concierge concise concluded conclusion conclusions concurrent condition conditions conducive conduct conducted conduction conduit conf conference conferences confidence confident confidential confidentiality confirm confirmation confirmed confirms conflict conflicting conflicts confounding confrontation confused confusion cong congenit congenital congestion congestive congress conjecture conjunction conjunctivitis connect connected connection connections connective connects cons consci conscientious consciousness consecutive consensus consent consequence consequences conservation conservative conserve consi consideration considerations considered considers consist consistency consistent consistently consists consortium constant constipation constitute constitutes constraints constriction consult consultant consultation consultations consumed consumer consumers consumption cont contact contacts contained container containment contemporary content contents context conti contiguous continental continuation continue continued continues continuing continuity continuous continuously continuum contr contraception contraceptive contract contractility contracting contraction contractions contraindicated contraindications contrary contrast contribute contributed contributes contributing contribution contributions contributors control controlle controlled controlling controls controversial controversies controversy convenience conventional conversation conversations conversion convey convincing cook cool coolcap cooled cooling coonrod cooper cooperative coordinate coordinated coordinating coordination coordinator cope copies coping copper copy copyright cord cords core corneal corneum cornish coronary corporate corporation correct corrected correcting correction correctly correlate correlated correlates correlation cortex cortical corticosteroids cortisol cost costly costs cough coul coumadin council counsel counseling counselor count counted countries counts county couple coupled couples couplet courses court courtesey courtesy courtney courts cover coverage covered covers coworkers cows coxsackie cpap cpgs cpnp crack cramping cran cranial craniofacial crash crea cream creas creases create created creates creating creatinine creation creative creativity credential credentialing credible credit creehan crests crib cries criminal crisis crit criteria critical critically crna cross crossed crosses crotch crucial crying cryo cryotherapy crystal crystalloid crystalloids ctica ctio ction ctors cues cuff cult cultural culturally culture cultures cumulative curative cure curr current curriculum curtailed curve curves cushion cutaneous cutoff cyanosis cyanotic cyclase cycle cycled cycles cyclic cycling cyclo cyclosporine cysteine cystic cysts cyto cytogenetic cytokine cytokines cytotoxic
D daily damage damaged damages danger dangerous dani daniel dapted data database databases date dates dating daughters david davidson davies davis dawson days dead deaf deafness deal dealing dean deat death deaths debate debbie debrief debriefing debriefings decade decades decel deceleration decelerations decels decide decided deciding decidua decision decisions declared decline declined declines decompensation decompressor decr decre decreas decrease decreased decreases decreasing dedicated deemed deep deeper default defect defects defend defense defenses defi defibrillation defibrillator deficiencies deficiency deficient deficit deficits defin define defined defines defining definite definition definitions definitive deformities degradation degree degrees dehydration dela delay delayed delaying delays delegate deleon deleterious deletion deli deliv deliver delivered deliveries delivering delivery delphi delta demand demands demarcation demerol demise demographic demographics demonstrate demonstrated demonstrates demonstrating denc dendritic denial denied dennis denominator dense density department departments depend dependant dependence dependency dependent depending depends dephlogisticated depleted depletion depolarization depolarizes deposition depositions depr depressant depressed depression depressive deprivation dept depth deriv derived dermal dermatitis desaturated desaturation desaturations descending descent describe describes describing description descriptions descriptive deserve design designate designated designed desirable desire desired desires desktoppics despair destruction detachment detachments detail details detect detectable detected detecting detection detectors deter deteriorated deteriorates deteriorating deterioration determi determinants determination determinations determine determined determines determining detrimental deve devel develop developed developing developm development developmental developmentally develops deviation deviations device devices devoted dexamethasone dextrose diabetes diabetic diac diagnose diagnosed diagnoses diagnosing diagnosis diagnostic diagnostics dialysis diameter diamond diaper diapers diaphragm diaphragmatic diarrhea diastolic diatr diazepam dichorionic didactic died diehl dies diet dietary diets diff diffe differed differenc difference differences differential differentiate differentiation differs difficult difficulties difficulty diffuse diffusion digeorge digest digestion digestive digital digitalis dignified dignity digoxin dilatation dilated dilation dilator dilemma dilemmas dilute diluted dilution dimensional dimes diminished dimple ding dioxide diplegia direct directed direction directions directive directives directly director dirty disabilities disability disabled disabling disadvantages disagree disagreement disc disch discharge discharged discharges disciplinary discipline disciplined disciplines disclose discloses disclosure disclosures discomfort discontinuation discontinue discontinued discontinuing discover discovered discovers discovery discriminate discu discuss discussed discusses discussion discussions diseas disease diseases disincentives dislocated dislocation dismissed disney disorder disorders disorganized dispensing display disposition disproportionate disrupt disruption disruptions dissatisfaction disseminate disseminated dissociation dissolved distal distance distended distension distention distinct distinction distinctive distinguish distress distributed distribution disturb disturbance disturbances diuresis diuretic diuretics diverse diversity divide divided divisio division divorce dnsc dobutamine dobyns doctor doctoral doctorate doctors document documentation documented documenting documents dollar dollars domain domestic dominant dominated donald donation donor doomed door dopa dopamine doppl doppler dopplers dorsal dosage dosages dose doses dosing double doubled doubt downward doyle drainage dramatic dramatically draw drawing drawn draws dream dress dressing dressings drill drills drink drinks drip drive driven driving drop dropped drops drug drugs dtrs dual dubin duct ductal ductus dull duodenal durand duration duri dusky duties duty dying dynamic dynamics dysfunction dysfunctional dysmorphic dysmorphisms dysmorphology dysmotility dysplasia dyspnea dysrhythmias dystocia
E ealt eaning earc earl earlier earliest ears ease eased easier easily east easy eating echo echocardiogram echocardiographic echocardiography eclamps eclampsia ecmo ecom economic economics ecstasy ecti ectio ectopic ector ects edema edematous edge edges edic edin eding edit editi edition editor editorial educ educate educated education educational educators edwards eeding eeds effe effec effect effecti effectiv effective effectively effectiveness effects efficacious efficacy efficient effort efforts effusion efore ehrenkranz eichenwald eicher einstein ejection ekgs elbw elbwi elective electrical electrochemical electrode electrolyte electrolytes electron electronic electronically electrons element elements elephant elet elevate elevated elevation elevations eligible eliminate eliminated eliminating elimination eline eliv ella ellen elliott elopm elsevier email embarrassment emboli embolism embolization embr embryo embryology embryonic emen ement emerged emergencies emergency emergent emerging emesis emia emily emotion emotional emotionally emotions empathy emphasis emphysema empiric employ employed employee employees employer employers employment empower empty emptying enac ence encephalopathy encountered encourage encouraged encouragement encourages encouraging enda endocarditis endocrine endogenous endometritis endorphins endothelial endothelin endothelium endotoxin endotracheal enemas energy enforcement engage engl england engle english engorgement enhance enhanced enhancement enhances enia ening enital enjoys enlarged enlargement enns enormous enos enous enrolled enrollment ensi ensitiv ensure ensures enta ental entati entation enter enteral entered enteric entering entero enterobacter enterococci enterococcus enterocolitis enterocytes enterov enterprises enters enti entially entila entire entitled entitlement entity entr entry ents environ environment environmental environments enzymatic enzyme enzymes eogbs eonat eone epicanthal epidemic epidemiol epidemiologic epidemiology epidermal epidural epigastric epilepsy epinephrine epis episiotomy episode episodes epithelial epithelium epochs epoprostenol epsis equal equally equation equilibrium equipment equipoise equivalent eral erap ered erent erin ernal eronen erowid error errors erth erythema erythrocyte erythrocytes erythromycin erythropoietin escape escobar eser esio esophag esophageal esophagitis esophagus essential essentials establish established establishing establishment esteem esti estimate estimated estimates estimation etal etco eter ethanol ethic ethical ethically ethics ethnic ethnicity etic etiologic etiologies etiology etus euglycemia eugr euphoria europe european euthanasia eval evalu evaluate evaluated evaluating evaluation evaluations evans evel evening event events eventually everyday evide evidenc evidence evidenced evident evoked evolution evolved evolving exacerbate exacerbation exacerbations exact exaggerated exam examin examination examine examined examining examples exams exceed exceeded exceeds excellent exception exceptions excess excessive exchange excitatory excited exciting excitotoxic excitotoxicity exclude excluded excluding exclusion exclusive exclusively exclusivity excreted excretion excuses executive exercise exhalation exhausted exist existence existing exists exogenous expand expanded expanders expansion expect expectation expectations expected expenditure expensive experience experienced experiences experiencing experimental experiments expert expertise experts expiration expiratory expired explain explained explicit exploration exploratory explore explosion exposed exposes exposure exposures express expressed expressing expression exten extend extended extending extension extensive extent external extr extra extracellular extracorporeal extract extraction extrapulmonary extrauterine extravasation extreme extremel extremely extremes extremities extremity extrinsic extubate extubated extubation extubations eyes
F faan faap facial facies facilitate facilitated facilitates facilitator facilitators facilities facility facing factor factorial factors faculty fail failed failing fails failure failures fair fairly faith fall fallot falls false familial familiar families family famous fanaroff fashion fast faster fasting fatal father fathers fatigue fats fatty favor favorable favors fdama fear fears feasibility feasible features february fect federal feed feedback feedi feedin feeding feedings feeds feel feeling feelings feels feet feinstein fell female females femoral fentanyl fermentation fermented fertility fertilization feta fetal fetalneonatal fetus fetuses fever fewer fiberoptic fibers fibrillation fibrin fibrinogen fibronectin fibroplasia fibrosis fidelity field fields fight fighting figur figure figures file filed fill filled filling film filter filtered filtration final finally finance financial finding findings fine fineman fineout finer finger fingers finland finnegan firm firs fischer fish fisher fissures fistula fits fitting fixed fixing flag flags flame flaring flat flexed flexibility flexible flexion flip flolan floor flora florence florida flow flows fluconazole fluctuate fluctuations flui fluid fluids fluorescence flushing flutter focal focus focused focuses fold folds foley folic follo follow fontan food foods foot foramen force forced forceps forces ford forearm forehead foreign forest forget forgotten form formal formally format formation formed forms formul formula formulary formulas fortification fortified fortifier fortifiers forum forward foster found foundation founder fours fourth fraction fractional fracture fractures fragility frame framework france francisco franck frank fraser frcpc free freedom freeman french freq frequenc frequency frequent frequently fresh friedman friend friendly friends front frozen fructose frustrated fullterm fulminant func functi functio function functional functioning functions fund fundal fundamental funded funding fundus fungal furosemide fused fussing futile futility future
G gain galactosemia gale galen gamma ganglia gaps garat gardnerella garfield gases gaskin gasp gastric gastrin gastroentero gastroesophageal gastrointestinal gastroschisis gastrostomy gather gathering gaucher gavage gbbs gender gene generalized generate generated generates generation generational generations generic genes genetic geneticist genetics genital genome genomic gent gentamicin gentle gentler gently genuine george gerd germinal gerstmann gest gestat gestati gestation gestational gestations gilbert girl girls giving gland glass glasses glenn glial global globulin glomerular gluc gluckman glucocorticoid glucocorticoids gluconate gluconeogenesis glucos glucose glutamate glutamic glutamine glutathione glyburide glycemic glycine glycogen glycosylation goal goals goiter gold golden goldenberg goldenhar goldsmith gonorrhea goodman grad grade grades gradient gradual gradually graduate graduates graduation graf graft graham gram grams grand grandparents grant granted grants granulation granules granulocytes graph graphic graphics grasp graves gravida gravidarum gravity gray greatly green greenough greenspan gregory grew grey grief grieving griffin grisaru gross ground grounds grove grow growing grows growt growth grunau grunting guaiac guanalyl guanylate guess guidance guide guided guideline guidelines guilt gunn gustatory gynecol gynecologic gynecologists gynecology
H habit habits hack hair half halliday hallucinations hamon hamosh hand handbook handles handling handoffs hands hansen happen happened happening happy hard harder hardy hare harm harmful harming harness harnesses haron harris harrison harvard hatter haynes hazards hcup head headache headaches headed headings heal healing healt health healthcare healthy hear heard hearing heart heat heater heating heavier heavy heck heel height held hellp helped helpful helping helps hemangioma hematocrit hematologic hematological hematology hematoma hematomas heme hemo hemodynamic hemodynamically hemodynamics hemoglobin hemoly hemolysis hemolytic hemorrhage hemorrhagic hemostasis henderson hendricks heparin hepatic hepatitis hepatocyte hepatocytes hepatomegaly hepatosplenomegaly hereditary herm herman hernandez hernia heroin herpes heterogeneity hfnc hfov hfppv hibbs hiccups hierarchy higgins highlight highly highrisk hild hildr hill hilton hing hippocampal hippocampus hippocratic hips hiring hispanic histamine histo histologic histological histology histor historic historical historically history hoffman hogen hold holding holds hole holiday holidays home homicide honest honor hood hoover hope hopeful hopelessness hopes hormonal hormone hormones horns horowitz hosp hospi hospice hospit hospita hospital hospitalization hospitalizations hospitalize hospitalized hospitals host hostage hostile hosts hour hourly hours house hoyos hros hrql html huang hudak huddleston hudson human humans humidified humidity humor humoral hundred hurt husband hyaline hybrid hybridization hydr hydralazine hydration hydrocephalus hydrocortisone hydrogen hydrolysis hydrops hydrostatic hydroxyl hygiene hype hyper hyperactive hyperactivity hyperammonemia hyperbilirubinemia hypercalcemia hypercapnia hypercarbia hyperglycemia hyperglycinemia hyperkalemia hypernatremia hyperoxemia hyperoxia hyperoxic hyperresponsiveness hyperstimulation hypert hypertens hypertension hypertensive hyperthermia hyperthyroidism hypertonia hypertonic hypertrophy hyperventilation hypnotics hypo hypocalcemia hypocapnia hypocarbia hypoglycemia hypoglycemic hypokalemia hypomagnesemia hyponatremia hypoperfusion hypoplasia hypoplastic hyporegenerative hypot hypotension hypotensive hypothalamus hypothermia hypothermic hypotheses hypothesis hypothetical hypothyroidism hypotonia hypotonic hypoventilation hypovolemia hypoxemia hypoxemic hypoxi hypoxia hypoxic hypoxicischemic hysterectomy
I ially iate iatrogenic ibclc ibup ibuprof ibuprofen ical ican icant icon icons icular idea ideal ideally ideas ideation idenc ident identical identif identifiable identification identified identifies identify identifying identity ider iding idiopathic idua idual iency ient ight ignarro ignore ilcor ileocecal ileum ileus ilit illegal illicit illin illinois illness illnesses illustrative image images imagine imaging imbalance imbalances imipenem immature immaturity immediately immersion immersive immobility immune immunity immunization immunoglobulins immunosuppressant immunosuppression impact impacts impair impaired impairment impairments impending impermeable impl implantation implants implem implement implementation implemented implementing implicated implications implies importance imposed impossible impr impro improper improv improve improved improvement improvements improves improving impulses inability inaccurate inactivates inactivation inadequate inappropriate inat inborn inch incide incidenc incidence incident incidents incision inclu includ include included includes including inclusion inclusive income incompatibility incompetent incomplete inconsistent incorporate incorrect incr incre increas increase increased increases increasing increasingly incremental increments increta incubation incubator incubators independence independent independently indeterminate index indi indicating indication indications indicative indicator indicators indices indirect indistinguishable indiv individual individualize individualized individually individuals indo indomethacin induce induced induces inducing induction industrialized industry indwelling ineffective inertia inevitable infa infan infanc infancy infant infanticide infantile infantis infants infantswho infantswith infarction infe infec infect infected infecti infectio infection infections infectious infective inferior infertility infiltration infl infla inflammation inflammatory inflation influence influenced influences influencing influenza influx info infor inform informatics information informative informed infrared infrastructure infrequent infundibular infused infusion infusions ingredient inhalation inhaled inhalers inherent inheritance inherited inhibit inhibited inhibiting inhibition inhibitor inhibitors inhibitory inhibits init initia initial initially initiate initiated initiating initiation initiative initiatives injectable injection injections injur injured injuries injury inlet innate innovation innovations inomax inomaxtm inotrope inotropes inotropic inpatient input inquiry insensible insert inserted insertion inside insight insights inspiration inspiratory inspired instability instant institute instituted institutes institution institutional institutions instructions instructor instrument insufficiency insufficient insulation insulin insult insults insurance insure intact intake inte integrate integrated integrates integrating integration integrity intellectual intelligence intelligent intend intended intense intensi intensity intensiv intensive intent intention inter interact interaction interactions interactive interburst intercourse interdisciplinary interface interfere interferes interferon interhospital interleukin intermediate intermittent intern internal international internet interns interpersonal interpret interpretation interpreted interpreting interquartile interrupt interruption interstitial interv interval intervals intervene intervention interventional interventions interview interviewed interviews intesti intestinal intestinalis intestine intestines intolerable intolerance intr intra intracellular intracranial intractable intralipids intraluminal intrapartum intrapulmonary intrauterine intravascular intravenous intraventricular intrinsic intro introduced introduces introduction intubate intubated intubation invasion invasive invented inventory inversely inversion inverted invest investigate investigated investigation investigational investigations investigator investigators invite invited involuntary involve involved involvement involves involving iodine iona ional ionized ions ious iphone iple ippv ipsilateral ireland iris iron irregular irreversible irritability irritable irritant irritation irth iruses ischemia ischemic isoelectric isoimmune isolated isolation isolette isotonic israel issa ission issue issued issues isthe ital item items ithdra ithin ithout itically ition itis iufd iugr ivig
J jack jackson jacobs jain jama james jamie janet japan jaundic jaundice jaundiced jcaho jeff jeffrey jejunal jeopardy jersey jill jitteriness jobe jobs jognn john johns johnson join joined joint joints jones joseph jour journal journals journey jpediatr judgment judicious jumping junctional junctions jury justice
K kaiser kaminski kangar kangaroo kansas karen karlsen karp karyotype kathleen kattwinkel kaushal kavanaugh kavvadia kcal keeping keith keller kennedy kent kenyon kern kernicterus keszler ketamine ketone ketones ketosis ketotic kett keturah keys keywords kick kidney kidneys kids kiehl kill killing kills kinase kinetic kinetics king kinsella klebsiella klerk kluckow knee knees knowing knowledge knowledgeable knox koch konduri korean koren kourembanas kumar kyss
L label labeled labeling labels labetalol labile labor laboratories laboratory labored laboring labs laceration lacerations lack lacking lact lactam lactamase lactams lactase lactate lactation lactic lactobacilli lactobacillus lactose ladder lady lamb lambda lambs lance lancet land landrigan lane language laparotomy laptook larger largest laryngeal laser lasix lasted lasting lasts latch latching late latency latent lateral lateralization laugh laughing laura lavage lavoisier lawrence laws lawsuit lawsuits lawyer layer lbbb lead leader leaders leadership leading leads league leak leaks leaky lean learn learned learner learners learning leather leatherwood leave leaves leaving leche lecture lectures lederer ledge left legal legislation legislative legs leiden lemonade lemons length leonard lesion lesions lesser lessons lethal lethargy letter letting leukocyte leukomalacia level levels leviton levothyroxine lewis liability liberal librarian librarians library lice licensure lidocaine lies life lifelines lifestyle lifetime lifting ligate ligated ligation light lighting lights likelihood limb limbic limbs limit limitation limitations limited limiting limits limp linda line linear lines link linked linoleic lion lipid lipids lippincott lips liquid lisa lispro list listed listen listening listeria listing lists liter literature lithium litigation litigious littlest lity live lived liver lives living llow lmin load loaded loading lobar lobe local localized locally located location lock locked lode logistic london longitudinal longterm lood looked loop loops loose lopme lorazepam loren lose loss losses lost lots lott lotze loud louis louisiana love loved loving lowe lower lowered lowering lowers lowest loyal loyalty lture lucas ludi ludington luke lumbar lumen luminal lunch lung lungs lupus lying lymphocyte lymphocytes lynn lysine lysozyme
M macdonald machine machines macrolides macrophages macrosomia macrosomic magic magnesium magnet magnitude mahlmeister mail main maintain maintained maintaining maintains maintenance maisels major majority makers makes malabsorption male maleficence males malformation malformations malnutrition malpractice mammary manag manage managed managem management manager managers manages managing mandatory maneuver maneuvers manganese manifestation manifestations manipulation manitoba mannequin manner manroe mans manual manufacturers maple margin marginal marginally margins mari maria marijuana marital mark marked marker markers market markings marks marlow married marrow marter martin mary mask mass massachusetts massage massive master masters match matched matching mate mater material materials matern maternal maternity mathematical mati matic matrix matter matters mattress maturation mature matures maturity maxeran maximal maximize maximum mccurnin mcroberts mead meals meaning meaningful means measu measurable measure measured measurement measurements measures measuring mebs mech mechanical mechanically mechanics mechanis mechanism mechanisms meconium medela medi media median mediate mediated mediator mediators medic medica medicaid medical medically medicare medication medications medicine medium medline meds medulla meekly meet meeting meetings meets meiosis mellitus melnyk membership membrane membranes memorial memory mendoza meningitis menses menstrual ment mental mention mentioned mento mentor mentoring mentors mentorship meperidine mercuric mere meredith merging meropenem merrill mesenchymal mesenteric mesh message messages messenger messengers messy mestan meta metaanalysis metaboli metabolic metabolism metabolite metabolites metabolized metformin meth methadone methemoglobin methemoglobinemia methergine methionine method methodology methods methy methylxanthines meticulous metronidazole meurs mgso mial miami mice michael michigan micr microarrays microbes microbial microcephaly microcirculation microflora microlipid microorganisms microsoft microvascular microvolts midazolam middle midline midtrimester midwife midwifery midwives migrate migration mild mildly miles milestones military milk millennialists millennials millennium miller million milrinone mimic mind mine mineral mineralocorticoid minerals mini minimal minimally minimize minimized minimizes minimizing minimum minor minority minors mins minu minus minute minutes miracle miscarriage mismatch misoprostol miss missed misses missing mission mistaken mitochondrial mitral mixed mixing mixture mize mmary mmhg mmwr moberg mobile mobility mobitz modalities modality mode model modeling models moderate moderately modern modes modest modi modif modifiable modified modify modulation moist molar molecular molecule molecules moment moments moms mona money monit monitor monitored monitoring monitors monkeys monochorionic monocytes monoxide mont month monthly months mood moore moral morale morally morbidit morbidities morbidity morgan morley morning moro morphine morphologic morphology mort mortalit mortality mosby moss mothe mother mothers motility motion motivate motivation motor mottled mouse mouth move movement movements moves moving mple mprs mrna mrsa msaf msafp msall msce msud mucosa mucosal mucous mucus mueller muir mult multi multicenter multicomponent multidisciplinary multifactorial multifetal multiple multiples multivitamin munoz murad murine murmur murmurs muscle muscles muscular musculoskeletal music mutation mutations mutual mycoplasma myelin myelination myocardial myocardium myometrial myometrium myopia myths myung
N nacl nacll nadir nail naloxone nals named names nancy nann narcotic narcotics narrative narrow narrowing nary nasal nata natal nati natio nation national nationally nations nationwide natural nature natus nausea ncing ncpaep ncpap nder ndic ndrom neck necrosis necrotic necrotizing needle negativ negative negatively negatives neglect negligence neisseria nejm nelin nelson neomuscularizaton neon neona neonat neonata neonate neonates neonatol neonatologist neonatologists neonatology neonatorum neopuff neoreviews neos neovascularization nerve nerves nervous ness neth netw network networking networks neur neural neuro neurobehavioral neurobiology neurodev neurodevelopment neurodevelopmental neuroimaging neurointensive neurol neurologic neurological neurology neuromotor neuromuscular neuron neuronal neurons neuropathy neuroplasticity neuroprotection neuroprotective neurosensory neurotoxicity neurotransmitter neurotransmitters neut neutral neutropenia neutrophil neutrophils newbor newborn newborns newly newm newman news nfant nfants nfec nica nical nice nichd nicotine nicq nicu nicus nida nifedipine night nightingale nilmdts ninety ning ninos niotic nipple nippv nirs nisms nital niti nitia nitric nitrogen nitroprusside niver nmda nnps nobel nociceptive nocld node nodules noise noisy nomenclature noninitiation noninvasive nonmaleficence nonp nonpathogenic nonpharmacologic nonpharmacological nonpregnant nonrandomized nonreassuring noonan norepinephrine norm norma normal normalize normothermic norms north northway northwestern norway norwood nose nosocomial note noted notes notic notice noticed notification notified notify notifying nova novice noxious nrem nrfhr nsaids nsion nstr ntal nter ntil ntila ntio ntion ntions nuchal nuclear nucleic nucleus null numbness numerator numerous nurs nurse nursed nurseries nursery nurses nursing nurture nurturing nutr nutri nutrient nutrients nutrition nutritional nutritive
O oakland oath obesity obgyn objecting objection objective objectives objects obligation observation observational observations observe observed obsessive obstacles obstet obstetric obstetrical obstetrician obstetricians obstetrics obstructed obstruction obstructive obtai obtain obtained obtaining obvious occal occasional occasionally occiput occlusion occu occupational occur occurred occurrence occurring occurs ochsner ocia ocial ociat ocular odds odel odor offer offered offering offers office offspring ogtt ohio ohlsson olfactory olic oligodendrocyte oligodendrocytes oligohydramnios oligosaccharides oliguria oliguric ollow olog ology olsen olume omegaven omit omphalocele omyc onal ongoing onia onic online onset ontr oper operating operation operations operative opha ophthalm ophthalmology opiate opiates opin opinion opinions opioid opioids opium opportunities opportunity opposed opposite opposition opti optic optimal optimize optimizing optimum option optional options oral orally ordinarily orfali organ organic organism organisms organization organizational organizations organize organized organs orientation oriented origin original originate origins orlando orleans orrhage osborn oscillator oscillatory osis ositi osmolality osmotic osteomyelitis osteopenia ostomy otal othe othyroidism otitis ototoxicity ottolini ould ound outc outco outcom outcome outcomes outflow outlet outlets outline outlook outpatient output outreach oval ovale ovarian overcome overcoming overdistension overgrowth overholt overload overly overmeire overnight overproduction overt overview overwhelmed overwhelming owner ownership oxford oxid oxidant oxidants oxidase oxidation oxidative oxide oxides oximeter oximeters oximetry oxyg oxygen oxygenated oxygenation oxyhemoglobin oxytocin
P pace pacemaker pacific pacifier pacifiers pacing pack package packard packs paco paediatr page pages paid pain painful painless pair pairs palate pale palivizumab palliati palliative pallor palm palmer palpation palpebral palpitations pals palsy pandit panel panels panic paoli paper papers para paradigm parallel paralysis paralytic parameters pare paregoric parenchyma parenchymal parent parental parenteral parenthood parenting parents paris parity park partial partially participant participants participate participated participating participation partner partners partnership partum party pass passage passed passenger passes passing passion passive past patch patel patency patent patents paternal path pathogen pathogenesis pathogenic pathogens pathol pathologic pathological pathology pathophysiologic pathophysiology paths pathway pathways pati patience patient patients patrick pattern patterns paul pause pavilion paykel payne pbps pcvc pdas pdsa peabody peak peaked peaks pedheart pedi pedia pediat pediatr pediatrcs pediatric pediatrician pediatricians pediatrics pediatrix peds peep peer peers pelvic pelvis pending penetration penicillin penicillins pennsylvania people peptides perc perceived percent percentage percentile perception perceptions percocet percreta percutaneous perf perfect perfor perforation perform performance performed performer performers performing perfused perfusion peri perils perin perinat perinatal perinatol perinatology perineal perineum period periodic periodontal periods perioperative periosteum peripheral peripherally periphery peritoneal periventricular perlman perm permanent permanente permeability permission permissive permits peroxidase peroxidation peroxide pers persist persistence persistent persistently persists person personal personality personalize personnel persons perspective perspectives pertinent peter peters phar pharm pharmaceutical pharmaceuticals pharmacist pharmaco pharmacodynamics pharmacokinetic pharmacokinetics 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R rabbits race racial ract radi radial radiant radical radicals radiograph radiographic radiographs radiology radius raise raised raises raising raju random randomised randomiz randomization randomized randomly range ranged ranges ranging rapid rapidly rapp rare rarely rash rashes rate rated rates rati rating ratio rational rationale ratios rats rays rbbb rbcs rcts reabsorption reach reached reaches reaching react reactants reaction reactions reactive reactivity read reader readers readily readiness reading readmission readmitted ready real realistic reality rear reas reason reasonable reasoning reasons reassess reassessment reassurance reassuring reat reatment rebound recall receive received receives receiving recent recently receptor receptors recessive recipients recognition recognizable recognize recognized recognizing recommen recommend recommendation recommendations recommended recommends record recorded recording recordings records recover recovery recreational recruit recruited recruitment recruits rectal rectum recur recurrence recurrent redistribution redo reduc reduce reduced reduces reducing reduction reductions reed reese refer reference references referral referrals referred referring refers refill reflect reflected reflecting reflection reflections reflective reflects reflex reflexes reflux reform refractory refusal refuse refused regain regard regimen regimens region regional regions registered registry regression regular regularly regulate regulated regulates regulation regulations regulatory regurgitation reimbursement reinforce reintubated reintubation rejection rela relat relate related relates relation relations relationship relationships relative relatives relax relaxation relaxin relaxing release released releases releasing relevance relevant reliability reliable reliance reliant relief relieve relieves religious rely remain remained remaining remains remember remembered reminder reminders remodeling remote removal remove removed removing renal renewal renin repair repeat repeated reperfusion repetitive replace replaced replacement replied report reported reporting reports represent represents reprinted reproducible reproductive reprogramming request requested requesting requests require required requirement requirements requires requiring requisites rescue rese resear researc research researchers resection reserve reserved reserves reset residence residency resident residents residual residuals resist resistance resistant resolution resolve resolved resolves resolving resource resources resp respect respectful respir respiration respirations respirator respiratory respond responded respondent respondents responders responding response responses responsibilities responsibility responsible responsive responsiveness rest restart resting restlessness restraint restrict restricted restriction resu result resultant resulted resulting results resus resuscitate resuscitated resuscitating resuscitation resuscitations resuscitative retain retained retardation retention reti reticulocyte reticulocytes retina retinal retinopathy retirement retractions retrieved retrolental retrospective retrospectively return returned returning returns reuptake reuss reveal revealed reverse reversible review reviewed reviewing reviews revise revised revision revisions reward rewarded rewarding rewards rewarming reyes rfac rget rhsod rhythm rhythmic rhythms rhythym rice rich richard richardson rics ride ridge rifampin rights rigidity rigor rigorous ring rioritie ripening rise rises rising risk risks risky rity rmal rnal road robe robert roberta roberts robertson robin rochester rocking rodwell roger rogers role roles roll rooming root roots rose rosenberg ross rotate rotation round rounded rounding rounds route routine routinely rtifie rtpo rubella rubin rudolph rule ruled rules running rupture ruptured rural rush russell ruth
S sacral sadness safe safely safer safest safety saigal saint salaries salary saline salivary salt salts samaritan samp sample samples sampling samueloff sanchez sandra sandy sarnat satisfaction satisfied sats saturation saturations saugstad saunders save saved saving savings savvy scale scales scalp scan scand scar scarce scarring scars scavenging scen scenario scenarios scent schanler schedule scheduled schedules scheduling schelonka scher scholarship school schools schreib schreiber schulzke science sciences scientific scientists scope score scores scoring scott scottsdale screen screened screening screens screw seal search searchable searched searches searching sears seat seats secondary secretary secrete secretion secretions secretory secs section sections secure securely securing security sedate sedation sedatives seek seeking seeks seemingly segment segments segs seifert seizure seizures seldom select selected selection selective selectively selectivity selenium semi semin 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T table tach tachy tachycardia tachypnea tachypneic tactile taddio takes taking tale talk talking tall tandem tant tape taping target targeted targeting targets task tasks taste tati tatio tation taught taurine taussig tbars tcpl teach teaching team teams teamwork tears tech technical technically technician technique techniques technological technologies technology teen teenager teenagers teens tegies telephone telling tells temg temp temperature temperatures temporal temporarily temporary tend tendency tenderness tension tensions tenure terbutaline teresa terin term termed terminal termination terminology terms terna terri terrible terry tertiary test tested testing tests tetr tetralogy tewl texas text textbook textbooks tfpi thalamus tham themes theophylline theoretical theories theory ther therap therapeutic therapeutics therapies therapist therapists therapy thermal thermoregulation thes theta thiazide thiazides thick thin thinking thinning thomae thomas thompson thoracic thoracotomy thoughtful thousands threatened threatening threshold thrive thrombin thrombocy thrombocytopenia thromboembolic thromboembolism thrombomodulin thrombophilias thrombosis thrombotic throughput thumb thumbs thureen thurs thyroid thyroiditis thyrotoxicosis thyroxine tial tice tics tidal tied tier tiered tight tighter tile till time timed timeline timely times timing tincture ting tinged tinsp tiny tiona tions tips tired tissue tissues titer titers title titrate titration tive tobacco toby tocolysis tocolytics toes toet toilet tolazoline told tolerance tolerant tolerate tolerated tolerating tomashek tomorrow tone tongue tonic tool tools tooth tope topic topical topics topiramate toronto torr torturing tory tota total touch tour toxic toxicities toxicity toxicology toxin toxins toys tpvr trac trace trachea tracheal trachomatis tracing tracings track tracked tracking tract traction tracts tracy trade tradition traditional traditionalists traditionally trads train trained trainees training trait traits tran trans transcatheter transcutaneous transduction transepidermal transfer transferred transform transformational transforming transfusion transfusions transient transition transitional transitions translate translocation transmission transmit transmitted transplacental transplant transplantation transplanted transplants transport transportation transported transports transposition trapping trasonogra trate trauma traumatic travel traveling travels treat treated treating treatm treatment treatments tree tremors tremulous trend trends triad triage trial trials tric trichomonas tricuspid trigger triggered triggers triglyceride triglycerides trimester triple triplet triplets trisom trisomy trop trophic trouble true trump truncus trunk truog trust truth ttts tube tubes tubing tubular tubule tudie tufts tumor tumors turanlahti ture turner turnover twenty twiggs twin twins twisting tworetzky tylenol type types typical typically tyrosine tyson
U uate ucsf uggestions ugly ular ulat ulceration ulcers ultimately ultr ultrasonography ultrasound ultrasounds ults umbilica umbilical unable unanswered unapproved unavoidable unbound uncertain uncertainty unchanged unclear uncomfortable uncommon uncomplicated uncontrollable uncontrolled uncritical unct underdeveloped undergo undergoing underlying understand understanding understands understood underweight underwent undetectable undiagnosed undisturbed uneasily unequal unexpected unexplained unfamiliar unfavorable unfractionated uniform unilateral unintended unique unit united units univ universal university unknown unlike unloading unmanaged unmeasured unnecessary unos unplanned unpleasant unproven unpublished unreasonable unreliable unremarkable unrepaired unresolved unresponsive unrestricted unsafe unstable unsuccessful untreated unused unusual unwanted update updated upper upport upright upset uptake upward ural urban urea urealyticum ureaplasma ures urfac urgent urgently uric urinary urine urit urre usage user users usher usual utah uterine utero uteroplacental uterotonic uterus utic utility utilization utilize utilized utilizes uvnas
V vaccination vaccine vacterl vacuolization vacuum vagal vagi vagina vaginal vaginalis vaginitis vaginosis vague valid validate validated validation validity valley valu valuable valued values valvar valve valved valves valvotomy valvuloplasty vancomycin vanilla vari variability variable variables variance variation variations varied varies variety vary varying vasa vascular vascularization vasculature vasive vaso vasoactive vasoconstrict vasoconstriction vasodilatation vasodilate vasodilation vasodilator vasodilators vasodilatory vasopressin vasopressor vasopressors vasospasm vast vati vector vegetative vegf vehicle vein veins velcro velo velocimetry velocity vena venipunctures venosus venous vent venti ventil ventilate ventilated ventilation ventilator ventilators ventilatory ventricle ventricles ventricular verbal verder verdict vermont version versus vertex vessel vessels veterans viability viable vice vices victims vide video videotaped vienna view viewed viewing views vigilance vigorous vigorously viia viii viiia villi villus violence viral virginia virtually virus viruses viscera visceral visible vision visionary visit visits visual visually vital vitamin vitamins vitro vivo vlbw vocal vohr voice volat volpe voltage volts volu volume volumes voluntary volunteer volutrauma volvulus vomit vomiting vulnerabilities vulnerability vulnerable
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Z zavanelli zhan zinc zone zones zoomerang zosyn zupancic
The Academy of Neonatal Nursing is accredited as a provider of continuing nursing education by the
American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation.