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Deborah Rosenbaum, CCRC, CCRA

President of Sarrison Clinical Research, has over 30 years of experience in research and is certified by ACRP as a CRC and a CRA. Her experience includes conducting preclinical research, clinical research scientist for industry, and clinical research coordinator. Presently, she is a consultant to the clinical research industry and serves as an advisor, developer, content expert and instructor for multiple educational programs. She previously served on the ACRP Board of Trustees as well as on various ACRP committees and currently serves on the Academy Nominating Committee. Deborah has given multiple presentations at the ACRP Global Conference & Exhibition as well as chapter conferences and meetings. Additionally, she is the coauthor of “The Practical Clinical Trial Series,” 2nd edition and has authored articles for Research Practitioner and the Clinical Researcher. Deborah participated in the development of the ACRP Certification Review (Preparation) courses for CRCs, CRAs and investigators 1995 through 2010, and has been an instructor for these and other ACRP courses.     [ Click for More ]

Sarrison Clinical Research

Clinical Research Consultant