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ACRP 2015 Global Conference & Exhibition
ACRP 2016 Meeting & Expo
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Site Strategy Forum 2015
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"An Aerial View of Forces Reshaping the Global Clinical Research Enterprise" Keynote Presentation with Ken Getz
2015 Update: U.S. Healthcare Changes and How They Affect the Clinical Research Industry
2015 Update: U.S. Healthcare Changes and How They Affect the Clinical Research Industry (REPEAT)
2016 Update: U.S. Healthcare Changes and How They Affect the Clinical Research Industry
2017 Update: U.S. Healthcare Regulatory Changes and Their Impact on Clinical Research
A New Data Collection Model to Streamline Data Flow, Traceability and Transparency
A Novel Approach: Using an Online Patient Community to Develop a PRO Instrument
A Quick Guide to Managing and Monitoring IVD Studies
ACRP Certification Exam Preparation Course
Adjudication of Serious Adverse Events by an External Committee in a Large Safety Trial
Advanced Monitoring Visit Documentation: Global Regulatory Authority Inspections and Sponsors
An Academic Medical Center Based Coordination Center for Multi-center Trials (AMC-CC): Balancing Resources, Funding and Demands
An Idea Whose Time Has Come: Next Steps in the Professionalization of Clinical Research
An Update on Advances in Clinical Research on Sport-related Concussion
An Update on FDA Good Clinical Practice Activities
Around the World in 120 Minutes: A Discussion of Global Research
Assenting in the Pediatric Oncology Setting
Attaining the Perfect Balance: Objective Protocol Feasibility Scoring
Autism and Vaccines - Research Misconduct and Fraud Has Real Consequences
Avoiding the Leap from 483 to Warning Letter - Lessons Learned
Back to Basics: Lab Training
Battle of the Clinical Trial Agreements: Sites vs. Sponsors
Beam Me the Data Scotty! Site Monitoring Without the Plane
Before RBM was in Vogue: How NIH Managed Efficient Monitoring
Bench to Patient: The Device Regulatory Process
Best Practices in Conducting IVD Clinical Trials
Beyond Audit Survival: The Busy Clinical Research Professional's Guide To Audit Preparation
Blowing the Whistle: A 2017 Update on Fraud, Waste and Abuse in Clinical Research
Brain Tumors Under Attack: The "Shock and Awe" of Oncolytic Viruses
Breaches in Research Integrity: Maintaining the Public's Trust and Confidence
Bring Your Own Device: Is It Right for Your Clinical Research Enterprise?
Build a Better Site Budget to Ensure Trial Success
Building a Better Budget: How Budget Improves Clinical Trials
Cannabinoid Clinical Trials: Current Review, Problems, Pitfalls and Solutions
CAPA Isn't Just a Compliance Tool: Maximizing Site Performance Applying CAPA Principles
Capturing High-value Metrics that Drive Clinical Research Performance
CDER BIMO Compliance and Enforcement - What You Need to Know!
CDER BIMO Compliance and Enforcement: What You Need to Know!
CDER BIMO Compliance and Enforcement: What You Need to Know!
Clear the Mud: Current and Future of Cannabis Research
Clinical Data Management System Validation
Clinical Data, EHR, Informed Consent and Privacy: What Are the Rules and How to Ensure Compliance?
Clinical Evaluations of Safety and Risk
Clinical Research Project Management: Essential Tools and Communication Strategies
Clinical Trial Agreements for Medical Device Sponsors
Clinical Trial Data Management Systems - Increased Efficiency or Increased Workload?
Clinical Trial Disclosure Requirements: A Moving Target
Clinical Trial Study Management Plans: The Architecture of a Quality Clinical Trial
Clinical Vendor Selection for Emerging Clients
Collaboration in Medical Device Clinical Trial Innovation and Reform
Collaboration in Patient-Centered Medical Device Innovation and Regulation
Coming in 2018! Get Ready for the New EU Medical Device Regulation
Competency-Based Assessment of Clinical Research Education and Training Needs
Core Competencies in Clinical Research: An Analysis of International Differences in Perceptions and Relevance
Cost Effectiveness: Sometimes the Simplest Studies Yield the Biggest Results
Create a Culture of Ethics and Compliance in Clinical Trial Billing and Reimbursement
Create an Onboarding Curriculum that Fits Your Budget
Creating a Strategic Clinical Study Plan for Medical Devices
Creating Accountability: A Step-by-Step Approach
Creating and Fostering a Culture of Quality and Compliance
CTTI Use of Central IRBs for Multicenter Clinical Trials
Data Managers: The Frontline Defense of Trial Risk Management
Dealing with Unanticipated Problems Involving Risk in Clinical Research
Decoding the New Drug Good Clinical Practice Regulations
Design the Future of Our Profession as a Profession
Designing a Device Clinical Trial
Device Recalls and Safety Alerts During a Clinical Trial
Device Trials, Quality Data, and High Enrollment Numbers: How to Get It All
Ebola and other Emerging Pathogens - A New Challenge for Research and Healthcare
eConsent: Preparing for Paperless Consent
Effective Communication Strategies to Drive Program Success
Effective Employee Training for a Multi-Generational Workforce
Electronic Records, eSource Data and eConsent – Clinical Investigations and Regulatory Expectations
Eliminating Shadow Charts from Your Study Site
Emerging Quality Trends from Regulatory Authorities: Qualifications And Training of Staff
Engaging the Community - Centralized Clinical Research Recruitment
Enrolling Critically Ill Children in Research: Opportunities and Challenges
Ensuring Success Through Smarter Site Selection and Study Feasibility
eSource as the Next Wave of Technology
Establishing a Quality Control Program for Investigator-Initiated Studies
Ethical Dilemmas: Expressions of Nurses' Grief
Ethical Research Hinges on the Risk/Benefit Relationship
Ethical Research Involving Children Hinges on the Risk Benefit Relationship
EU Clinical Trials Regulation - Status Quo
EU Clinical Trials Regulation: Live in 2016?
Evaluation of Competence Ability among People with Schizophrenia on Consent Form
Evidence-based Analysis: The Path to Exceptional Clinical Research
FDA Draft Guidance on Informed Consent: Wow Lets Discuss!
FDA Inspections: Handling the Consequences
FDA Inspections: Handling the Consequences (REPEAT)
FDA Inspections: Understand the Process and Manage the Consequences
FDA-CDER: Three Topics from 2014 Conference Attendees
FDA-CDER: Three Topics from 2015 Conference Attendees
Fine-tuning Your Vulnerability Radar
Forging a New Path to Professionalism: GCP vs. Core Competency-based Training
GCP Auditing: Apply Your New Skills at Work
Globalization of Clinical Research: Site Assessment and Management
Guidance and Rule Updates on Unique Device Identification (UDI)
Hands Across the Water: A Comparison of Clinical Trials in the EU and U.S.
Harmonized Core Competencies for Monitors: A New Framework for Measuring Performance
Henrietta Lacks: A Discussion about Research Ethics and Social Responsibility
Hospital-Based Clinical Research Risk Management
How a Clinical Trial Liaison Can Make Enrollment and Study Compliance Successful at a Site
How Can My EHR System Better Support My Research Workflows? Part 1
How Can My EHR System Better Support My Research Workflows? Part 2
How to Create, Structure and Implement a Mentoring Program Within Your Clinical Research Organization or Practice
How to Make FDA Inspections as Painless as Possible - What to Expect, What to Do and What Not to Do: A Site's Perspective
How to Seamlessly Transfer Your Study to Another IRB
How to Start and Grow a Business in Clinical Research
Human Clinical Research: A Historical Journey
Humanitarian Use Devices: It's Not That Complicated!
I Think I Can: Ethical Considerations for the Cognitively Impaired
I'm a CRA/CRC - When Did I Become a Trainer?
Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks and Beyond
Implementation of the Joint Task Force for Clinical Trial Competency Framework
Implementing Beneficence: Outcomes from a Multi-Trial Recruiting Model
Improving Communication Between Researchers and Nurses Caring for Study Participants
In-Patient Research in the United States: Meeting Human Subjects and JCAHO Regulations
Inefficiencies & Improvement Opportunities in Investigative Site Regulatory Compliance Processes
Informed Consent: Risk is in the Eye of the Beholder - Risk Perception and Communication in Clinical Trials
Inside the FDA: Drug Good Clinical Practice Regulations Compliance
Insights on Effective Communication and Outreach Among Patients and Advocacy Groups
Inspection Findings Related to the Informed Consent Procedure: Lessons Learned
Interpreting Clinical Regulations: Precautions and Warnings
Investigator Attrition: Strategies to Turn the Tide
It's Your Career: Own It!
Keeping The Spark Alive During Long-Term, Multi-Center Trials
Key Considerations in Building Your Site's Quality Improvement Program
Keys to Writing Excellent Monitoring Reports and Follow-Up Letters
Layperson Summaries: Should the U.S. Follow the EU Regulation?
Lead and Succeed in Your Clinical Research Team
Learning in the Digital World
Lessons Learned: Moving to Regulatory and Source eBinders
Lessons Learned: Preparing for a Successful FDA Advisory Committee Meeting
Let's Get Clinical! A Clinical Research Boot Camp
Linking Education/Training with Personnel Certification for Clinical Research Professionals
Making Business Intelligence the Cornerstone of Your Study Improvement Process
Making the Complex Compelling: Communicating Technical Information Effectively
Managing Time, Tasks and Relationships: Focusing on What Matters Most
Mapping and Navigating Your Career: How to Set Your GPS
Master Series Program Part I - Current CRU Issues in Planning and Executing Phase 1 Trials
Master Series Program, Part I — Dramatization of the Informed Consent Process: Good Theater or Bad?
Master Series Program, Part I — Ethical Challenges in Pediatric Research
Master Series Program, Part I — Going Paperless: A Smart Way to Increase Site Efficiency and Save Resources
Master Series Program, Part I — The ICH GCP E6 R2 Revisions: Impact On The PI And Site
Master Series Program, Part I — The Quality Risk Management Plan: The Key to a Quality Trial
Master Series Program, Part I -- Clinical Research Finance & Billing: Are You Leaving Money on the Table?
Master Series Program, Part I -- Mastering the Art of Writing Monitoring Reports
Master Series Program, Part II — Current CRU Issues in Planning and Executing Phase 1 Trials
Master Series Program, Part II — Dramatization of the Informed Consent Process: Good Theater or Bad?
Master Series Program, Part II — Going Paperless: A Smart Way to Increase Site Efficiency and Save Resources
Master Series Program, Part II — The ICH GCP E6 R2 Revisions: : Impact On The PI And Site!
Master Series Program, Part II — The Quality Risk Management Plan: The Key to a Quality Trial
Master Series Program, Part II -- Clinical Research Finance & Billing: Are You Leaving Money on the Table?
Master Series Program, Part II -- Ethical Challenges in Pediatric Research
Master Series Program, Part II -- Mastering the Art of Writing Monitoring Reports
Mastering Your Response to the Dreaded FDA Form 483
Maximizing the ROI of Your Clinical Trial Management System
Medical Cannabis: A Substitute for Prescription Opioid Use?
Medical Device Rescue Studies: One Year Later - Lessons Learned From Industry and CRO Perspectives
Meeting the Challenges of Clinical Trial Disclosure
Melding Consumer Big Data with Medical Big Data: The Regulatory and Ethical Implications
Mobile Technologies in Patient Engagement and Retention
Mobile Technology - Shifting the Landscape for Clinical Research Engagement: Case Studies and Discussion
Negative Aspects of a Hot Topic: Sample Size Re-Estimation
NIH Support of a Single IRB Approach to Review Multicenter Clinical Research and Implications for Academic Centers
Obtaining Consent in Acute Settings
Optimize Workflow and Resource Allocation Using LEAN-R
Optimizing Communication Within Global Teams
Other Duties as Assigned: Creating a Comprehensive Coordinator Training Program from A to Z
PALM Infrastructure Support Model for Enhanced Knowledge Management for Clinical Teams
Partnership for an Informed Subject: A Research Nurse's Perspective
Patient Recruitment for Sites: Beyond the Traditional Approach
Patient-Centric Medication with Direct-to-Patient Shipping
Performance Evaluation Monitoring Visits: The Art of CRA Training and Assessments
Phage Therapy: The Answer to Antibiotic Resistence?
PI Oversight: Making It Happen
PI Oversight: Making It Real
Portal Technology: The Next Significant Innovation in Clinical Research
Power of Human Potential: A Rare Disease Patient's Perspective
Practicing Good Science Through Ethical Study Design
Practicing Good Science Through Ethical Study Design
Pregnancy Prevention During Trials: Beyond the Birds and the Bees
Progress and Programs Addressing Critical Needs for Professional Development: Outcomes
Protocol Deviations: Writing, Reviewing and Reporting - What's Important and Why?
Putting Patient-Centric Principles into Practice
Quality by Design (QbD): Simplified and Attainable
Quality by Design: The Value of CRF Mapping
Rare Disease Research Requires Consciousness, Commitment and Collaboration
Real-World Study Planning
Regulatory Affairs Committee: 2016 Year-End Review and Looking Ahead
Regulatory and Ethical Considerations for Clinical Research Involving Mobile Technology
Remote Monitoring: How Far Can We Go?
Requiring Good Clinical Practice Training for Investigators and Study Personnel
Research Billing Compliance for Dummies
Responding to GCP Inspection Findings - Follow-Up and Follow-Through
Results from the Joint Task Force Survey of Clinical Research Competence
Returning Research Test Results: Know Your Ethical and Legal Obligations
Reverse Engineering 483s and Warning Letters to Improve Your QA Program
Revitalizing a Workforce: Aligning Job Classifications with Competencies
Risk Based Monitoring: Implementation Methodology
Roadmap to Research: RN to CRA; RN to Study Coordinator
Safety Reporting on Investigator-initiated Sponsored Research: It's Everyone's Job
Signature Series Session -- A Conversation with the FDA
Signature Series Session -- Innovating Clinical Trials with Mobile Technology
Signature Series Session -- Living with Eyes Wide Open
Signature Series Session -- The State of the Industry
Signature Series Session -- When the Physician Becomes the Patient: The Inspiring Story of Dr. Keith Eaton
Site Performance Report Cards: What's Fair?
Site Visibility: How to Increase Visibility in Your Community
So You Have Been Chosen for an FDA Inspection: Guidance from a Former Auditor on How to Prepare, Host and Follow-Up for a Site Inspection
So You Have Been Chosen for an FDA Inspection: Guidance from a Former Auditor on How to Prepare, Host and Follow Up for a Site Inspection
So, You Want to Be an Investigator: The Other Side of the Coin
Social Media in Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment
SOPs as Risk-Management Tools: Are Your SOPs Actually Increasing Risk of Non-Compliance?
Source Data Review (SDR) vs. Source Data Verification (SDV) - A Site Monitoring Best Practices Update
Special Considerations in Pediatric Trials for CRAs
Standardization, Collaboration and Technology: A Global Site and Industry Perspective
Standardizing Principal Investigator Delegation Records: An Alternative Approach for Sites
Strategies to Increase the Efficiency of Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Training: Recommendations From the Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative (CTTI)
Subject Enrollment: Some Sites Can and Some Don't--An Analysis of Thousands of Site Submissions will Uncover the Key Indicators to Success
Subject-Centered ICF: A Research Nurse's Perspective
Technical Data Review in IVD Studies
The 10 Reasons Your Recruiting Department is the Key to Your Success
The 2016 Medical Device Directive: What It Means to You
The Battle of the Clinical Trial Agreements: Sponsor vs. Site
The British Columbia Clinical Trial Participation Survey
The Crossroad: Clinical Research Career Development & Site Endorsement
The Evolving Clinical Research Enterprise: What Recent Legal and Regulatory Changes Mean to You
The Fallibility of Feasibility: What We've Learned From Physicians
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks: Applying Lessons Learned to Today's Informed Consent Process
The Impact of Social Media Communities on Clinical Trials
The Integral Role of a Research Lab Coordinator to Enhance the Efficiency of a Research Team
The Metrics Evolution: Use Better Metrics to Improve Clinical Trials
The New eSource Draft Guidance – What Does it Mean to Me as a Site, CRA or Data Manager?
The New World of Molecular Diagnostics in Cancer Clinical Trials - How Sponsors and IRBs Must Adapt
The Next Generation of Clinical Research: Developing Qualified Professionals
The Power and Reach of Social Media in Clinical Trials
The Project Manager's Dilemma: Why Am I Too Busy to Manage My Project?
The Role of Laboratory/ECG Findings in Subject Safety
The Science of Site Management: Using Metrics to Guide Decisions
The Seismic Shift in the Monitoring Paradigm: From Quality Control to Quality Assurance
The Shared Investigator Platform: Revolutionizing Communication Between Sites and Sponsors
The Social Media Blueprint: Tips for New Patient Advocacy & Recruitment
The Top 10 Phase I, IIa Site Audit Findings and How Could These Have Been Prevented
The True Costs of Site Regulatory Compliance and Improvement Opportunities
Three Perspectives: Conducting an Investigator-Initiated Multi-Center Clinical Trial
Three Ways Institutions Can Support Investigators Conducting Investigator-Initiated Research
Tools to Help Clinical Sites Optimize Performance and Maintain GCP Compliance
Top Five Pet Peeves - Impact, Management and Potential Solutions
Top Ten Things Sponsors/CROs Should Consider for Training of Clinical Sites
Training Across Generations
Training Your Research Team Members to Recognize Research Misconduct
Transferring Research Review and Oversight from One IRB to Another
Trends Related to Whistleblower Laws and Clinical Research and Trials
Trends, Strategies and Tools for Achieving Informed Consent
Trial and Error: Managing Research Liability Risks
Tribute to Dr. Felix Gyi: Research Ethics: Remembering the Past, Dealing with the Present and Preparing for the Future
U.S.-based IRBs vs. European and Latin American Ethics Committees
Understanding Noncompliance: A Case Study Approach
Unlocking the Positive Value of Ethics Using Educational Games
Unlocking the Value of Ethics Using Educational Games
Use of Gamma Scintigraphy to Understand Inhaled Device/Formulation Variables on Delivery Efficiency and Deposition Profile for Systemic Therapies
Use of Standard Operating Procedures to Streamline IRB Submissions
Using EHR Data and Herding Cats: One Data Center's Story
Using Personalized ePortfolios to Demonstrate Professional Competency in Clinical Research
Using Real World Data to Improve Site Feasibility and Recruitment in Clinical Trials of Rare Diseases
Utilization of Undergraduate Students as Research Assistants in Multiple Tertiary Care Emergency Departments and Intensive Care Units: Program Development and Success
Vendor Oversight: How Sponsors Can Manage Their CRO Whilst the CRO Manages the Project
Voice of the Subject - Engaging the Public Regarding Their Participation in Research
Vulnerability: Do You Know It When You See It?
Vulnerable Subjects - Do You Know One When You See One?
Walk the Talk: Implementing Risk-Based Monitoring
Wearables and Big Data: The New Gold Standard for Clinical Trials
What Exactly Are You Asking? Comparing Genomic and Self-Reported Ancestry
What's That You Say? When Research Subjects Struggle to Hear
Who Are Medical Writers and Why Should I Care?
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Toshiko Ishibashi
Toshiko Ishibashi
John Isidor
Shauna Itri
Jeffree Itrich
Erin Iturriaga
Summer Iverson
M. Izzo
Christina Jackson
Susan Jackson
Cassie Jacobson
Jena Jankoski
Joseph Jankovic
Michael Jay
Elizabeth Jay
Michael Jay
Zhihong (Jenny) Jelsovsky
Michelle Jenkerson
Chris Jenkins
Emily Jenner
Danna Jennings
Ihn Sook Jeong
Jane Marie Johnson
Todd Johnson
Otis Johnson
Ann Johnson
Marsha Johnson
Shelley Johnson
Shelley Johnson
Janelle Johnson
Marsha Johnson
Cynthia Joiner
Ryan Jones
Gary Jones
Martha Jones
Victor Jones
Karen Jones
Patricia Jones
Rosie Jones
Carolynn Jones
Patricia Jones
Leslie Jones
Paula Jones-Wright
Erica Jonlin
Medha Joshi
Tanya Judkins-Cohn
Joy Jurnack
Joy Jurnack
Anita Kablinger
Anita Kablinger
Richard Kahn
Jeffery Kaine
Kenneth Kaitin
Dorina Kallogjeri
Hirokazu Kaneda
Becki Kanjirathinkal
Casey Kappenman
Patricia Karausky
Patricia Karausky
Patty Kasper
Patty Kasper
Sean Kassim
Dorothea Kasteleijn-Nolst-Trenite
Jennifer Kasztejna
Dori Kazimer
Levering Keely
Sheree Keever
Anna Keiper
Patrick Kelly
Timothy Kelly
Timothy Kelly
Terri Kelly
Paul Kelly
Terri Kelly
Ellen Kelso
Heather Kemp
Leslie Kemp
Leslie Kemp
Shawn Kennedy
Natalie Kennel
Valerie Kerr
Doug Kershaw
Gustavo Kesselring
Khalid Khan
Sharib Khan
Kai Kight
Joseph Kim
Andrew Kimball
Kathryn Kimmel
Kristina Kinard
Denise King
Gaye King
Karen King
Bill King
Jeff Kingsley
Matthew Kirchoff
Kelly Kirsch
James Kirwin
Bron Kisler
Bron Kisler
Agnes Klein
Valma Klein
Conor Knightly
Deborah Kniuksta
Karol Knoop
Noriko Kobayashi
Robert Kolb
Yuri Koo
Christine Korbmacher
Ahuva Koren
Michael Koren
Mark Koscin
Greg Koski
Paul Kosnik
Alexander Kostek
Judith Kramer
Holly Krasa
Joanne Krasnoff
Kenneth Kratz
Arlene Kray
Jim Kremidas
Brooke Krininger
Pavel Kruchek
Cara Krulewitch
Raju Kucherlapati
Peter Kuijpers
Roxanne Kujanson
Vijai Kumar
Yuki Kuramochi
Deborah Kurtock
Rebecca Kush
Sheri Kuss
Hideo Kusuoka
Niki Kutac
Sandra Kweder
Janice Kyle
Shannon Labout
Denise Lacey
Denise Lacey
Jenny LaChance
Dennis LaCroix
Mark Lacy
Farynn Lagro
Lincy Lal
Tori Lallemont
Amy Lallier
Mary Jo Lamberti
Suzanne Lamerand
Julie Lamoureux
Tsuo-Hung Lan
Ronnie Landis
Jennifer Lansink
Jennifer Lanter
Caroline LaPlaca Davis
Mario Laplume Garbarino
Debra Lappin
Patricia Larrabee
Kelly Larrabee
Valerie Larson
Deborah Lasher
Laurel Latto
Stephanie Lauenstein
Anne Laulederkind
Derek Lawrence
Cynthie Lawson
Christina Ledbetter
Veronica Legg
Susan Leister
Diana Lenhardt
Jennifer Lentz
Michael Leon
Joanne Less
Matthew Lester
Matthew Lester
Lorena Levi
Daniel Levy
Susan Lewenz
Janet Lewis
Lionel Lewis
Janet Lewis
Kristien Lewis
Janet Lewis
Isaac Lidsky
Marcelo Lima
Josiana Limones Isenor
Josiana Limones-Isenor
Melody Lin
Marcy Lindley
Rebecca Little
Jenny Liu
Marlene Llopiz
Emily Lloyd
Barbara Lodico
Barbara LoDico
Tino LoSicco
Stephen Lovell
Catherine Lovett
Elizabeth Luoma
Lorenz Lutherer
Germaine Luyckx
Eric Lynam
Patricia MacCubbin
Patricia MacCubbin
Mark Macedo
Laurie Macleod
William Macneil
Michael Macri
Sandra Maddock
Leanne Madre
Kenneth Mahaffey
Terry Mainprize
Linda Malek
Sharleen Maley
Kerri Mallory
Almut Malone
Jennifer Maloney
Jennifer Maloney
Penelope Manasco
Laurin Mancour
Laurin Mancour
Edward Mannello
John Manolakis
Michael Marcarelli
John March
Danica Marinac-Dabic
Joyce Marinho
Jo-Mae Maris
Carol Marques
Ana Marquez
Jan Marshall-Campagnari
Shawna Martin
Fernando Martinez
Kate Marusina
Nicole Masen
James Mash
Sally Mashaly
Marcy J Maslov
Karen Massand
Tammy Massie
Tristan Massie
Tammi Masters
Tammi Masters
Yukiko Matsushima
Jill Matzat
Jill Matzat
Melissa Mau
Melissa Mau
Jennifer May
Jennifer May
April Mayberry
Jeffrey Mayhew
Don Mayne
Sean McAllister
Courtney McBean
John McBride
Mary McCabe
Katie McCarthy
Janine McCloskey
Yvonne McCracken
Yvonne McCracken
Michael McCrea
Darren McDaniel
Dan McDonald
Bruce McDonald
Bruce McDonald
Kim McDonald-Taylor
Alex McDonnell
Mattie McDowell
Michael McIvor
Kelly McKee
Barbara McKenzie
Angela McMahill
Angela McMahill
Jim McMillan
Lindsay McNair
Lindsay McNair
Kelley McNamara
Kara Lee McWatters
Alice Mead
Halia Melnyk
Cynthia Mendenhall
Patricia Mendoza
Jerry Menikoff
Sabrena Mervin-Blake
AnnMarie Mesick
Janet Messer
Cathy Metcalfe
Cathy Metcalfe
Cathy Metcalfe
Melissa Metheney
Mark Metzner
Claire Meunier
Andrea Meyers
Margo Michaels
Felix Michnacs
Jarrod Midboe
Sheila Mikhail
Sheila Mikhail
J. Stephen Mikita
Matt Miller
Damon Miller
Lesley-Ann Miller
Jeffrey Miller
Tracey Miller
Jenifer Miller
Jamie Miller
Daniel Miller
Mary Mills
Sharon Minda
Meta Mitchell
Nada Mlinarevich
Anab Mohamed
Farah Mompoint
Peter Monette
Kerry Moore
David J. Morin
David Morin
Briggs Morrison
Richard Moscicki
Kathleen Mostek
Peter Motteram
Peter Motteram
Kirk Mousley
James Moyer
Eva Mozes-Kor
Susan Mozgai
Ann Mozo
Patricia Mozzicato
Subhendu Mukhopadhyay
Karen Mullin
Lisa Mullins
Lisa Mullins
Lisa Mullins
Dhinna Munshi
Leticia Murray
Sandra Mutolo
Pratibha Nadig
Noriaki Nagao
Ritsuko Nagasaka
Nermina Nakas
Nermina Nakas
Madoka Nakayama
Prachi Nandoskar
Carl Naraynassamy
Robert Nauman
Khady Ndour
Irene Neaman
Katherine Needleman
Nancy A. Needler
Gerfried Nell
Kevin Nellis
Nadine Nemunaitis
Nadine Nemunaitis
Mark Neuberger
Jon Neville
Melissa Newman
Robert Newman
Robin Newman
Melissa Nezos
Virginia Nido
Chikako Nishimura
Cynthia Nolte
Raymond Nomizu
Tina Noonan
Lora Nordstrom
Kimberlly Nordstrom
Sharon-Lise Normand
Steve Norsted
Deborah Norton
Jean Novak
Maria Nyakern
Ruth Ann Nylen
Robert O'Connor
Nicky O'Connor
Mikki O'Neal
P. Pearl O'Rourke
Susan Odum
Peter Odhiambo Ojwang'
Martin Olbrich
Kimberly Oleson
Axel Olsen
Axel Olsen
Russell Olson
Rachel Olson
Carol Opalek
Carol Opalek
Alison Orth
Madelene Ottosen
Madelene Ottosen
Al Pacino
Tricia Page
Rekha Pai
Sheryl Palmateer
Dannelle Palmer
Dannelle Palmer
Maria Palmer
Jim Pankovich
Darlene Panzitta
Paul Papagni
Paul Papagni
Catherine Parker
James Parmentier
James Parmentier
Diane Parrington
Mitchell Parrish
Adrian Parrott
Steven Pashko
Prathamesh Pathak
Peta-Anne Paul-Brent
Carla Pauley
Cindy Paulsen
Andrew Pavia
Stephanie Pawlak
Robert Pearsall
Carl Peck
Chester Pemberton
Barbara Pennington
Julie Pepe
Gualberto Perez
Jonathan Perlin
Kasia Petchel
Carolyn Peterson
Jan Peterson
Jill Petro
Jill Petro
JoAnn Pfeiffer
Bethann Pflugeisen
Douglas Pham
Michael Phillips
Constance Pickard
Charles Pierce
Charles Pierce
Christine Pierre
Christine Pierre
Cheryl Pikora
John Piletz
Ellen Pinnow
Ellen Pinnow
Mark Pinson
Cassandra Pitts
Kevin Pitts
Andrea Plati
Cecilia Plez
Michele Pliner
Michele Pliner
Vinod Podichetty
Ron Podraza
Wendy Portier
Karen Potter Jones
Deidra Poucher
Deidra Poucher
Deidra Poucher
Alicia Pouncey
James Powell
Lacey Powers
William Prather
Jenifer Prather
Amy Prechtl
Ernest Prentice
Ernest Prentice
Gil Price
Ivor Pritchard
Kevin Prohaska
Amber Purkeypile
Amber Purkeypile
Osman Qamar
Jenny Qin
Susan Radtke
Sabrina Ramkellawan
Jeannine Ramsey
Jennifer Rankin
Hani Rashed
Stephen Raskin
Charles Rathmann
Sheri Rawlings
Daniel Redline
Ronald Reed
David Reed
Karen Reese
Rona Margaret Relova
Badri Rengarajan
Sherry Reuter
Linda Rhea
Linda Rhea
Zack Rhoades
Zack Rhoades
Stephen Rhodes
Angela Ricci
Karen Richey
Katie Richter
James Riddle
Michelle Ringdahl
Mary Elizabeth Ritchey
Sonia Robazetti
Jenene Roberts
Karen Roberts
Susan Roberts
Richard Robinson
Angi Robinson
Eileen Robinson
Laura Robison
Cheryl Roche-Alexander
Susan Rockwell
Susan Rockwell
Susan Rockwell
Jennifer Roden
Scott Rodgers
Renata Rodio
Carlotta Rodriguez
Carlotta Rodriguez
Halley Rogers
Cathy Rogert
Robert Romanchuk
Susan Romberg
Ethan Rooney
Heather Rosecrans
Deborah Rosenbaum
Deborah Rosenbaum
Deborah Rosenbaum
Deborah Rosenbaum
Sharon Rosenberg
Deborah Rosenfelder
Deborah Rosenfelder
Audrey Rossow
Martine Rothblatt
Jenna Rouse
Amy Rowell
John Rowell
John Rowell
Kari Anne Rowland
Richard Rubin
Naomi L. Ruff
Dorsey Ruhland
Mark Rupp
Jeremy Ruskin
Ethan Russo
Ann Rutledge
R. Ruybalid
R. Lynne Ruybalid
Michael Ryan
Alyssa Ryan
Christopher Ryan
Charles Sabine
Anindita Saha
Mika Sakoda
Mika Sakoda
Dennis Salotti
Angelo Sambunaris
Theresa Sampson
Royce Sampson
Michael Sanchez
Charlene Sanders
Veronica Sansing
Veronica Sansing
Michael Santoro
Karen Sargent
Karen Sargent
Howell Sasser
Sandra SAM Sather
Charles Sather
Sam Sather
Charles Sather
Sam Sather
Jessica Saucier
James Saunders
Alexander Schacht
Kristin Schaefers
Tina Schlecht
Barbara Grant Schliebe
Barbara Schnurr
Heike Schoen
Peter Scholes
Douglas Schreiner
Douglas Schreiner
Wendy Schroeder
Joshua Schultz
Joshua Schumacher
Amy Schwarzhoff
Natalie Scully
Claire Sears
Art Sedrakyan
Jonathan Seltzer
Jonathan Seltzer
Hope Senechal
Marian Serge
Mira Serhal
Adil Shamoo
Adil Shamoo
Gary Shangold
Joshua Sharfstein
Derek Shenefelt
Berry Shepherd
Janis Sherwood
Linda Sheva-Bach
Steve Shevel
Vladimir Shnaydman
Halle Showalter Salas
Sharon Shriver
Miriam Shuchman
Marjorie Shulman
Deborah Sibley
Jean Siebenaler
Carol Siegel
Honorio Silva
Robert Silverman
Diane Simmons
Adam Simmons
Adam Simmons
Robyn Simons
Stephanie Sims
Harriett Singer
Cynthia Sinsel
Andrea Sisson
Jaci Skidmore
Nichole Skirvin
Rebecca Skloot
Eve Slater
Paula Smailes
Paula Smailes
Katie Small
Hilary Anne Smallwood
Edgar Smeets
Michelle Smerek
Melanie Smith
Robin Smith
Virginia Smith
Laura Smith
Laura Smith
Robin Smith
Tamera Smith
Angela Smith
Margaret Smith-Riggs
Andrew Snyder
Denise Snyder
Mary Sole
Stephen Sonstein
Nancy Soto
Dana Sowash
Michael Spigarelli
Michael Spigarelli
Bert Spilker
Armand Spoto
Parveen Sra
Sujatha Sridhar
Badhri Srinivasan
Shankar Srinivasan
Rachel Stanley
Robert Stanton
Manfred Stapff
Yafit Stark
Fawna Start
Shannon Staton-Growcock
Chavon Steele
Chavon Steele
Linda Steenburgh-Palmer
Jerry M. Stein
Betsy Stein
Julie Stein
Jerry Stein
Jerry Stein
Steven Steinbrueck
Steven Steinbrueck
Ganene Steinhaus
Erika Stevens
Lloyd Stevens
Erika Stevens
Erika Stevens
Kathryn Stiede
Jean Stocks
Randall Stoltz
Randall Stoltz
Randall Stoltz
Crystal Stone
Judy Stone
Peter Stonier
Thomas Stossel
Linda Strause
Linda Strause
Linda Strause
Theresa Straut
Pam Strobel
Wade Strzinek
Stacy Stull
Latha Subramanya
Dima Suki
Dustin Sulak
Linda Sullivan
Kimberly Sullivan
Margaret Suraf
Pascale Susi
Sarah Swank
Dennis Swearingen
Jennifer Swihart
John Swint
Chantel Swinton
Michael Swit
Kevin Sykes
Wendy Taddei-Peters
Christina Talley
Marc Teitelbaum
Pamela Tenaers
Michael Tetzlaff
Julie Thelen
Fabio Thiers
Meg Thompson
Brenda Thornell
Marcus Thornton
Hugh Tilson
Sharon Timberlake
DeeAnn Tinjum
William Tobia
Karen Tolson
Karen Tolson
MeeLee Tom
Eric Tomasini
Susan Torok-Rood
Jean Toth-Allen
Jean Toth-Allen
Suzi Tran
Kate Tranotti
Lysa Triantafillou
Patsy Trisler
Jeff Trotter
Lee Truax-Bellows
Lee Truax-Bellows
Lee Truax-Bellows
Wanda Truong
Janet Trusso
Cindy Trytten
Stella Tsai
Naoki Tsutsumi
Sree Turlapati
Carolann Twelves
Sara Tylosky
Jay Udani
Diane Uzarski
Shannon Valenti
Gregg Van Citters
Vivienne van de Walle
Philippe Van der Auwera
Barbara van der Schalie
Lynn Van Dermark
Lynn Van Dermark
Kristen Van Dole
Lisa Van Winkle
Barbara Vargas
Kaveeta Vasisht
Kandi Velarde
Bert Verheyen
Nattina Vichkulwrapan
Sheikh Vikarunnessa
Brad Vince
Lori Vivian
Rachel Vojvodic
Chris von Briesen
Kenneth von Kluck
David Vulcano
Matthew Wagener
Ronald Waife
Matthew Walen
Gary Walker
Kelly Walker
Lindsay Wall
Kris Walters
Deborah Waltz
Mary Frances Ward
Robert Warda
Susan Warne
Tim Warneke
Kim Warner
Ron Warren
Ronald Warren
Christina Waters
Karriem Watson
Sandra Watt
Robin Weaver
Cheryl Weaver
Stephanie Weber
Elizabeth Weeks
Debra Weeks
Elizabeth Weeks-Rowe
Daniel Weiss
Rosemary Wells
Georgia Welnick
Julia Wenger
Grace Wentzel
Grace Wentzel
Christina Werremeyer
Lynette Westbrook
Lynette Westbrook
Michelle Wetherby
Matthew Whalen
Matthew Whalen
Cathleen White
Terri White
Jennifer Whitlock
Eve-Marie Whitsun-Jones
Steven Whittaker
Jennifer Wiley
Sally Wilging
Debbie Wilkerson
R. Bert Wilkins
Kelly Willenberg
Valerie Willetts
Dorian Williams
Deidre Williams
Shann Williams
Michelle Williams
Sarah Williams
Ashley Wills
Jerome Wilson
Patricia Winger
Lorry Witte
Tracie Witte-Saunders
Tammy Wolf
Hui-Lee Wong
Hui Lee Wong
Nicole Wood
Liz Wool
Liz Wool
Erin Wray
Barbara Wright
Ted Wun
Franeli Yadao
Franeli Yadao
Tachi Yamada
Cao (Annie) Ye
Gary Yingling
Gary Yingling
Gary Yingling
Jay Yockelson
Stephen Young
Robert Young
Robert Young
Robert Young
Kitima Yuthavong
Kristine Zander
Shari Zeldin
Jenny Zhang
Steven Ziemba
Jennifer Zimmerer
Lisa Zimmerman
Erin Zuiker
Jonathan Zung
Sally Jo Zuspan
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