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7-2 - CAPA Isn't Just a Compliance Tool: Maximizing Site Performance Applying CAPA Principles 
April 18, 2016   10:15am - 11:45am
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In our world of risk-based monitoring and the ongoing quest for enhancing site quality, CAPA sometimes gets a bad rap. Seen only as a tool that quality assurance personnel and auditors apply when things go really badly, project managers and CRAs miss a golden opportunity to apply CAPA concepts to everything they do when interacting and managing sites. Combined with GEPCs (Good Effective Communication Practices), sponsors and CROs can greatly enhance the performance and compliance of their sites. This interactive session will teach you how!

Learning Objectives: 
  1. Discuss the why and how of Root Cause Analysis for detecting, managing and preventing site performance problems.
  2. Describe how CAPA principles and root cause analysis can be applied to enhance site performance in the conduct of clinical trials.
  3. Explain GECPs (Good Effective Communication Practices) for getting the most out of your site communications and interactions.

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