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American College of Medical Toxicology

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ACMT 2011 Spring Conference Webcasts
Oil and Water Symposium 2011
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AAPCC and It's Role in Disaster Response
Acute Toxicity of Crude Oil and Dispersants: Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill - Louisiana, 2010 / The Role of Florida Department of Health in Exposure Assessment
Can We Do That. Yes We Can
Coral Snake Envenomations in Children
Fellow-in-Training Open Mic Session
Gulf Oil Spill: The Toxicologist and Communication with the Concerned Lay Public
Introductions and Awards
Legal Highs: The Internet and Recreational Herbals
Medical Toxicology Foundation Innovative Teaching Grant Finalists Presentations
Michigan Oil Spill
National Response: Perspective on Other Disasters and Preparedness for the Future
Panel - Clinical Cases in Environmental Toxicology
Panel - Drugs of Abuse: Clinical Cases
Panel Discussion: Rapid and Effective Integration of Toxicologists into Environmental Disaster Response
Pediatric Medication Safety
Pharmacogenomics and Implications for Drug Effects and Toxicity in Children / Why it Matters: Case Studies in Pharmacogenomics
Pharmacologic Child Abuse: Role of Toxicologist in Assessment
Presidential Keynote: Pediatric Sedation in the ICU
Professional Development Session Luncheon: Interactive Presentations: Beyond the "Clicker"
Regional Poison Center Involvement in Acute Toxicological Events
Regional Response: Coordinating a State and Local Response from the Disaster Center
Risk Communication for Medical Toxicologists: Talking Science to the General Public
Setting up a Coordinated Response to an Environmental Disaster
Stimulant Intoxication in Infants and Toddlers
Suicide as an "Adverse Effect" of Psychoactive Medications and Suicidality
Tennessee Fly Ash Disaster: Setting Up Future Medical Surveillance
The Alberton Train Derailment: Toxicologists as a Rare Resource
The National Children's Study: A Medical Toxicology Perspective
The Skinny: Weight Loss Drug Abuse in Teens
Toxicity of Air Pollution: Particulate Matter & Public Health
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Kavita Babu
William Banner
Carl Baum
John Benitez
Jeffrey Bernstein
Carina Blackmore
Keenan Bora
Jeffrey Brent
Robert Cox
Guilherme Dabus
Richard Dart
James Diaz
Michele Ewald
Carole Jenny
David Krause
J. Steven Leeder
Cynthia Lewis-Younger
Erica Liebelt
Jennifer Lowry
Charles McKay
Mary Mortensen
Lewis Nelson
Ayrn O'Connor
Joseph Rasimas
Christopher Rosenbaum
Mark Ryan
Anthony Scalzo
Jay Schauben
Joshua Schier
Wayne Snodgrass
Josef Thundiyil
Brandon Warrick
Alan Woolf
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