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Module Status
2013 ACMG Genetics and Genomics Review Course
Please complete all activities ASAP - this course will be deactivated on June 20, 2015.
Available Soon
Activities Status
Disclosure and Instructions
Introduction to Course
ABMG Review and Exam Preparation Tips
ABMG Review and Exam Preparation Tips - evaluation
Cell Biology/Genomics
Cell Biology/Genomics - evaluation
Molecular Biology
Molecular Biology - evaluation
Clinical Cytogenetics
Clinical Cytogenetics - evaluation
Clinical Molecular Genetics
Clinical Molecular Genetics - evaluation
Genetic Transmission
Genetic Transmission - evaluation
Newborn Screening
Newborn Screening - evaluation
Developmental Genetics
Developmental Genetics - evaluation
Cancer Genetics I
Cancer Genetics I - evaluation
Genetic Counseling & Risk Assessment
Genetic Counseling & Risk Assessment - evaluation
Exam Workshop
Exam Workshop - evaluation
Biochemical Genetics I
Biochemical Genetics I - evaluation
Neurogenetics - evaluation
Reproductive Genetics I
Reproductive Genetics I - evaluation
Biochemical Genetics II
Biochemical Genetics II - evaluation
Systems-Based Disorders I
Systems-Based Disorders I - evaluation
Exam Workshop
Exam Workshop - evaluation
Systems-Based Disorders II
Systems-Based Disorders II - evaluation
Genomic Medicine
Genomic Medicine - evaluation
Cancer Genetics II
Cancer Genetics II - evaluation
Reproductive Genetics II
Reproductive Genetics II - evaluation