Justin Bogert

Justin Bogert, CAMS

Global Controls Manager


As the Global Controls Manger, Mr. Bogert is responsible for assessing the full spectrum of the company’s compliance obligations worldwide and designing, evaluating, and implementing testing functions to ensure PayPal is meeting those regulatory obligations. Since joining PayPal in 2010, Mr. Bogert served as the AML Testing & Monitoring Manager, AML Governance Manger, and FIU Investigations Manager. In these roles Mr. Bogert had a direct impact on various critical elements of the company’s AML program. Additionally, Mr. Bogert served as PayPal’s primary investigative advisor for high risk AML/CTF matters. Prior to joining PayPal, he was an AML Investigator for JP Morgan Chase and served as a Counterintelligence Agent in the Army Reserve for 13 years. As a Counterintelligence Agent, Mr. Bogert focused primarily on counter-espionage, counter-terrorism, and computer forensic investigations.