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Kenneth Stiefvater, BSN, RN

Kenneth Stiefvater (pronounced “Steef-otter”) was a Medical Technician in United States Air Force for 9 years.  He completed RN degree in 1990. Kenneth has worked in Labor & Delivery, in Traumatic Head Injury Rehabilitation, for the Visiting Nurse Association, as a Facilitator for the Ryan White AIDS Grant providing free nursing and Home Health Aide assistance to 150 patients per year, as Director of Colorado Hospice for 3 yrs, and as an Ambulatory Float Nurse for Denver Health's Ambulatory Care Services for 5 years.  Currently he is Nurse Program Manager for Denver Ambulatory Care Services, Infection Control Nurse for Denver Ambulatory Care Services, Manager of the Denver Ambulatory Care Services Float Team, and Lead Facilitator for Joint Commission Ambulatory Regulatory Compliance.