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Elizabeth Barton, RN, C

Elizabeth graduated from Central Texas College in 1973 with an Associate's degree in Nursing. Her career includes 6 years as a School Nurse and 8 years as a Medical Surgical nurse. During this time she worked as a staff nurse, charge nurse and Assistant Nurse Manager on a Med-Surg unit. More recently, Elizabeth has had 3 years experience as a Nurse Manager for the CDM (Center for Diagnostic Medicine), a multi-specialty and primary ambulatory care clinic, with 55 nursing staff where she worked very closely with physician leadership to improve patient care. Currently, she is a Clinical Educator for the Ambulatory Care setting. Her responsibilities are to create and present educational opportunities for the Ambulatory Care nursing staff. In 2009, Elizabeth attended the AAACN Annual Conference as a poster presenter. Her poster, "Cover Your Cough, Clean Your Hands