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Medical Call Centers and the Medical Home - The Future is Now 
July 11, 2011   3:00pm - 4:15pm
01h 29m 05s - 66 Slides  
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Medical call centers have traditionally played a mainly adjunct role to the primary care practice of medicine. This session will explore the future relationship of the medical call center to the primary care practices of the future and of the patient-centered medical home. It will begin with an environmental scan of health care reform visions. Next a discussion of the medical home concepts will be presented. Exploring the role of the nurse as a central aspect of the patient centered medical home and medical resource center leads to a discussion on the myriad modalities that will be utilized by call centers of the future. Examples of modern uses for call centers will be highlighted. Lastly, the concept of a national call center model will be explored.

  • Identify the role of telephone care in the practice of pediatrics today
  • Describe the role of nursing in telephone triage in the medical home
  • Discuss the future potential role for nurses within both the medical home and medical resource center

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