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PA2 - President's Address 
May 6, 2010   1:00pm - 1:45pm
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Grande EF

Contact Hours available through: 5/7/2012

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In-Brief Sessions: Issues in Medical Home Models (232 - Patient Centered Medical Home: How is it Different than What I Am Already Doing?; 233 - The Role of Nursing in Developing and Implementing a Patient-Centered Medical Home Model in a Primary Care Clinic at a Military Treatment Facility; 234 - Integration of Medical Home Concepts into Community Health Clinic Settings)
Implementing Evidence-Based Telehealth Nursing: A Collaborative Approach
Essential Components of Telephone Nursing: A Model To Guide Your Practice
"I Wish I Said That!" Skills for Communicating with the Most Difficult People in Your Life
Defining the Role and Value in an Ambulatory Care Setting: Use of LEAN Methodology and RN Productivity Measurement Tool to Quantify Time Allocation of Assigned RN Tasks and Identify Tasks that Can Be Centralized