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Patient Safety: It's More than Medication Errors and Falls/Engaging Staff in Patient Safety Initiatives in the Outpatient Setting 
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Innovative Nurse Roles and Staffing in Team-Based Care: Supporting the Medical Home Model and Beyond
In-Brief Sessions: Transitioning to Ambulatory Care: What the New or Not-So-New Nurse Needs to Know; Ambulatory RN Residency Program
In-Brief Sessions: IHI, IOM, CMS, OPPS - Understanding the Alphabet Soup in Ambulatory Care; Connecting the Dots Between ACO, CMS, MU and Other Pay for Performance Initiatives
In-Brief Sessions: Medicare Wellness Visits: A New Role for the Registered Nurse in the Ambulatory Care Setting; The Role of the RN Care Manager in the Geriatric Assessment Clinic: Our Unique Medical Home
AAACN Leadership Special Interest Group: Speed Presentations and Practice Innovations