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AAACN 41st Annual Conference 2016
May 18, 2016 - May 21, 2016
32 Sessions, 0 Speaker
Ambulatory Care Nursing Certification Review Course
3 Sessions
Hot List
5 Sessions
Are you an ambulatory care nurse that did not have time to attend the 41st Annual Conference? Here is an opportunity to grow professionally by completing online continuing education specific to the practice of ambulatory care nursing. This selection of recorded concurrent sessions from the 2016 conference includes five popular topics, listed below, that had both high attendance and received solid session evaluations from participants. They cover diverse topics including quality and care coordination transition management (CCTM). By purchasing this packages, you’ll save 50 percent! However, you’re welcome to purchase these fantastic sessions individually as well.
Main Conference
30 Sessions
901 - Ambulatory Care Nursing Certification Review Course
1 Session

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Quest for the Best - Interprofessional Evidence-Based Practice Council
Special In-Brief Sessions: Capturing the Effectiveness of the Registered Nurse in Ambulatory Care: An Innovative Model...
Self-Efficacy: Does It Serve as an Important Link to RN Health Coach Effectiveness?
The Evolution of an Ambulatory Care Management Model: PCMH & Targeted Patient Population Management
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